SnapAppliance Snap Server 1100

  • Editors' rating
    7.7 Very good


  • Simple to use and manage;
  • portable;
  • professionally presented and documented;
  • solidly built;
  • designed to link into other systems.


  • Limited feature set;
  • high price.

The most compact of the three NAS products reviewed here, the Snap Server 1100 is a professionally presented device that simply does what it says on the tin. It offers file sharing from a single 120GB disk, with access control by user and/or group. Occupying perhaps a quarter the volume of Linksys's product, the Snap Server 1100 includes a copy of PowerQuest's DataKeeper, a package that monitors your data and backs it up when it can.

User controls are sparse. All you do is plug in the power lead and network cable, press and hold the on switch for a few seconds and you're rolling. The front of the device has four LEDs to indicate disk and network activity, and that's about it.

As with all the NAS products we’ve examined, administration is browser-based. The Snap Server 1100 provides a clean, simple interface to match the rest of the product, with DCHP-based IP address assignation by default and static addressing an option. If you have multiple Snap Servers -- larger businesses might have one per department, for example -- then the supplied utility that can find and, to a degree, manage those devices will prove very useful.

By default, all network protocols are switched on, including NetWare IPX, AppleTalk, NFS for Unix/Linux support and, of course, TCP/IP. Included in the services are Web, FTP and SNMP servers, while security settings allow you to assign shares and quotas to users and groups. The Web-based method of doing this isn't quite as transparent as it might be but, overall, the system is easy to use. Even where it's not quite straightforward, the online manual is clear and comprehensive.

Additionally, there's a Java VM included that allows you to run specially created Java applications on the box. Available for download on the company's Web site is a server-to-server backup application, for example.

Quiet and ergonomic, the Snap Server 1100 looks good wherever you put it. As long as well-built and specified storage is all that's required, this device will fit the bill.

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