Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 7 (Desktop Edition)

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Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery allows its users to recover their important data in case of any system failure or any type of disaster. This tool promises to recover the data within minutes, so we put this notion to the test to see if it is worthy of such a statement.

The minimum operating system requirements for Symantec backup is Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2000/2003. The minimum memory requirement is 512MB of RAM but if you are using the additional components you may require up to 1GB. The hard disk space required is less than 1GB (280MB for 32-bit and 610MB for 64-bit computers) unless you want to install the LightsOut Restore feature, which requires an additional 2GB.

It also requires .NET Framework 2.0 in order to use Symantec Backup Exec. If not already installed on the machine, Backup Exec System Recovery directs you to download .NET Framework 2.0.

How we tested
We tested the Desktop Edition on Windows XP SP2 with a configuration of 1GB of RAM and an AMD Athlon 64 2.0GHz Processor.

Once fully installed, we used the software to back up 637MB of data onto a USB drive. It took approximately 12 minutes to backup the data.

Then we tested the usefulness of this product by creating a scenario that involved losing certain data files. From here we continued to follow the process of rescuing the data through its easy to use navigational tools. The time taken to restore the data back to its original location was just over 10 minutes.

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What's inside
Backup Exec System Recovery became a Symantec product when the antivirus giant bought storage software maker Veritas, several years ago. Desktop Edition restores data within minutes and is a great asset to an IT administrator. Backups can be made all at once or by folders, triggered by scheduled reminders or by a manual user process.

The timeframe in restoring any lost data files was incredibly proficient and easily handled. This software concentrates on backing up the most integral data files on your system and avoids wasting time and useful space on less important files like desktop screensavers for instance. This software also allows you to create the dump/image file of your hard disk as compared to the historical outdated method of reinstalling or updating the OS. You can also have the image file on a network, local or DVD drive.

Backup Exec System Recovery also comes in a Server Edition which can recover desktops, notebooks and servers within minutes. It allows administrators to add additional drivers of different hardware in customised recovery environments and can also store recovery points on USB, optical, NAS and firewire drives. It has enhanced virtual support, remote recovery option, centralised management and exchange recovery feature.

Backup Exec System Recovery Desktop Edition 7 is highly recommended for those who are seeking reliable, multi-faceted data recovery. The product recovers data quickly and can store recovery points on various removable disk drives.

Individuals, small business operators and those that don't tend to take the notion of backing-up their data files seriously should consider evaluating this affordable and highly capable software.

It will eliminate the cost of restoring your operating system, reconfiguration and testing; not forgetting the time lost in having to recreate files again. Implementing this software will prove useful above and beyond the mere cost of investment and will act as a secure measure of backup and restoration for part of an individuals or companies most important assets -- its data files.