Vankyo V600 projector hands-on: Perfect for business or home theater use

Hands on with the Vankyo V600 projector perfect for business or home theatre use zdnet
  • Editors' rating
    8.5 Excellent
  • $179.99


  • 5,500 lumens gives a bright picture
  • Carrying case included
  • Inbuilt dual 5W speakers


  • Lens must be fully retracted to fit lens cap
  • No fixings for ceiiling mounting
  • Needs additional cables to connect to phones

I have been impressed with Vankyo's line of business projectors, and the Vankyo V600 is a nice bright projector for the office – or your home theatre.

Vankyo has upped the brightness for the V600 since the leisure 510 projector with its 3,600 lumens. The V600 delivers 5,500 lux which gives a nice bright image – even in daylight.

Ths V600 delivers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and will project an image up to 300 inches widescreen (diagonal). My screen in the office is only 100 inches so I could not test this to its full potential.

Vankyo says that the projector needs to be 30 feet away from the screen to achieve 300 inches display size so I would have to be outside on the road to achieve this screen size. 

Its dimensions are 300 x 231 x 104 -- larger than the compact leisure 510, but nice and light at 2.5kg. Inside the box, there is a handy carrying bag with a front pocket and a roomy inside mesh pocket for the cables. There is also a 4ft long HDMI cable, an AV cable and a power cable, and remote control for the projector.

On the back of the projector, there are ports for VGA, 2 x USB, and 2 x HDMI ports as well as the power socket, IR port, and speaker. To the side, there is a jack for a headphone, and an AV jack as well as a TF card slot.

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You can connect the projector to any input you choose such as a game console, streaming stick, external hard drive, SD card, or flash drive.

The top of the projector has control buttons for direction, play/pause, input source, menu, and a power button.

To use the projector, sit it on a flat surface, use the adjustable leg under the front edge to get the display height you want and take off the lens cover. Turn the power on and select the correct input source for your device.

Use the manual focus and keystone ring on the top of the projector to adjust the display. The keystone will manually adjust the image by 15 degrees up or down.

There is no autofocus or auto keystone like the XGIMI 2 -- however, at a price point under $250  (and you can currently get a 12% discount using the code: zdnet12%) this is what I would expect compared to the much higher cost of the $900 XGIMI 2.

The onboard sound comes from two 5W / 4 Ohm speakers -- adequate for smaller rooms, but I think it would need an audio boost in a large auditorium.

Vankyo says that the LED lamp will last up to 5000 hours. I did not leave the projector running for anywhere near this length of time but the lamp lights quickly and the projector does not seem to get over-hot during long operation.

You can also connect the projector to your phone. However, you do need either an HDMI to lightning connector for an iPhone or an HDMI to USB-C connector for Android.

The V600 is obviously good for office presentations and videos. However, it performs well as a home theatre projector too. I like the fact that it has a handy carrying case so I can go from venue to venue, and that the onboard speaker works well in meeting rooms.

The lens cap is an irritation. To fit it, you have to retract the lens back into the housing before the lens cap can be replaced. It is also not tied on to the projector in any way meaning I misplaced the cap several times.

If using this as a home theatre screen, be aware that there are no screw threads to fit any ceiling mounts. You would have to buy an appropriate fixing bracket that takes this into account.

Apart from these minor irritations, the Vanyo V600 is a nice, reasonably priced portable projector for business and home use and bright enough to use in daylight.

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