Hands-on with VanTop Moment 3 action camera: Straightforward and easy-to use for first-timers

  • Editors' rating
    7.6 Very good
  • $59.99


  • Easy to configure
  • 29 GoPro-compatible accessories
  • Remote control


  • No motion detection
  • Non-adjustable field of view

I have reviewed a few action cameras, such as the DBPower 4K, the Mgcool Explorer, and the SJ7 Star. For ease of use and simplicity, the VanTop Moment 3 beats the rest of the cameras I have tried so far. It was really easy to set up and get going out of the box.

It is intuitive, with menus that are simple to use and configure. Although it does not have a touch screen, the navigation buttons make it easy and quick to configure the settings you want.

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The Moment 3 has 4K HD technology and will record videos at 4K/25fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080p/60fps, 1080p/30fps, and 720p/120fps. It will take still images at up to 12MP resolution.

It also has the capability to take three burst photos for the best set of shots, or it can be used in time-lapse mode which takes photos from 2- to 60-second intervals. The camera has a TF slot for a card of up to 64GB capacity.

It has a 170-degree angle lens which gives an expected amount of barrel distortion. I was not too keen on this as the horizon tends to distort and move around as you travel.

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The wide angle is not configurable, unfortunately. I had the impression that I was viewing video taken with a fish eye lens.

The camera is compatible with GoPro camera accessories -- not that you would need them. There is a huge set of clips, grips, holders, straps, stands, connectors, filters, mounts, and a selfie stick. There are 29 added accessories in total, and all are GoPro compatible.

I love the fact that this camera is waterproof to 30 meters. Unfortunately, I did not go diving during the time I used the Moment 3. The 170=degree wide angle lens would not show so much distortion on a dive.

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The Moment 3 has two 1050mAh batteries which will record up to an hour of 4L video. They take about five hours to charge fully. With a battery in the camera, it weighs in at 65g (a little under 2.3 ounces).

The camera has a micro USB port and a micro HDMI port. There are two function buttons and a power button. There is also a microphone and a speaker. Playback sound is poor from the camera speaker, but good quality when the TF card is placed into a PC.

The image quality is variable from the OV4689-2A sensor. The exposure in bright light looks a little washed out, but in normal lighting the image quality is good.

I like the wireless wrist remote control, which is splash proof, but not waterproof. I used the remote control more often than the camera buttons themselves.

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I was disappointed that the camera had no motion detection feature like the DBPower and the SJ7 Star. Time-lapse does not do it for recording the little critters that hang around the garden and appear when I'm not there. The Moment 3 also had less features than the other cameras overall. However the app was a nice addition for remote viewing.

All in all, this is a sub-$60 basic camera with easy-to-use interface that would be a great first action camera for someone. The accessories give you many options to record every aspect of your life.

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