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Securing the hybrid cloud environment

A rapidly changing and expanding threat landscape has made enterprise security more critical and more challenging than ever. In today's hybrid, multicloud environments, no single security tool provides end-to-end monitoring, analysis, and response capabilities. A security platform can connect your security tools, provide visibility across the enterprise, generate deeper insights, and respond with automation to better protect your enterprise.

Open and Connected Security
Open and Connected Security How to secure hybrid cloud environments in the age of innovation. 14:09 minutes

Open and Connected Security

Open and Connected Security is the Future of Cybersecurity

For years, powerful point solutions have been positioned as the solution to our security woes, yet organizations struggle to keep up with the onslaught of sophisticated attacks. A new approach that unifies multiple tools and automates workflows is needed to unlock the potential that the market has delivered

The Compelling Benefits of Connected Security

When security intelligence and incident feeds are analyzed holistically, organizations that deploy a platform approach for security enjoy a significant advantage over those still using siloed solutions

How SIEMs Work with Security Platforms to Deliver More Value

Security information and event management solutions deliver powerful capabilities. Learn how they satisfy modern cybersecurity requirements when working in conjunction with other technologies supported by security platforms.

Must-have features for a connected security platform

Smart organizations have to consider the multifarious threat landscape and multicloud environments of the present, along with the unpredictable future, before committing to a security solution.