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Are open source databases dead?

Are open source databases dead?

Elasticsearch’s moving the core of its stack from Apache 2 to a more restricted license once again brought forth the question of whether open source databases have a future. But maybe we shouldn’t get so hung up on licensing.

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Samsung touts 'intelligent display' on Galaxy S21

Samsung touts 'intelligent display' on Galaxy S21

The displays on Samsung's new Galaxy S21 devices are the company's most intelligent so far as they incorporate hardware and software to optimise the experience for each consumer from refresh rates to blue light emission, a company executive says.

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The Moore’s Law of drones emerges

Tiernan Ray explains just as chips got cheaper and cheaper over time, drones are gaining incredible powers in tiny sizes. DJI’s latest beginning drone, the Mini 2, can fly more than twice as far as its previous incarnation, up to six miles, but it’s small and light enough to fit in a pocket and quiet enough you may not hear it flying around. Read more:

November 25, 2020 by