CommonSense wants to offer Amazon-like delivery to small businesses CommonSense Robotics is hoping to give Amazon-like delivery chops to small companies. *** Small companies and retailers are struggling to offer quick, profitable, and scalable shipping. *** It’s a huge market opportunity, however, as warehouse automation grows and falls in price. *** So, in an attempt to offer one-hour delivery and on-demand fulfillment… *** CommonSense wants to use Micro-Fulfillment Centers with on-demand fulfillment robots. *** These are small, urban, automated spaces that combine local distribution with automated fulfillment. *** They’d receive, stock, and package merchandise of participating vendors based on predictive algorithms. *** Vendors would then arrange their own last-mile delivery, something even UPS and FedEx are exploring. *** CommonSense’s plan is a smaller, chopped-up version of how Amazon's decidedly macro centers work.