eBay's new AI-powered feature lets you upload a pic to find an item eBay for Android and iOS is rolling out a new visual search feature. *** Called Image Search, it lets shoppers use an image to find products for sale on eBay. *** It uses computer vision and deep learning to compare your images to live eBay listings. *** The system then ranks the results based on visual similarity and displays them. *** eBay has more than one billion active listings on its site at any given time. *** But it’s a marketplace frequently maligned for being difficult to search through. *** Engineers have been working to add more AI services to eBay's ecommerce experience. *** The tech behind eBay’s latest feature was developed during its 2015 Hack Week event. *** eBay has hinted it plans to launch more computer vision products sometime in 2017. *** It even announced Find it on eBay, another new feature just for Android users. *** Instead of pasting photos into the search bar, shoppers can share URLs with eBay. *** Ebay’s mobile app will then surface live listings of the product.