How to temporarily disable Face ID if someone tries to unlock your phone Apple has given iPhone X owners an emergency feature that temporarily disables Face ID. Users can trigger it if they're forced by a thief or police to look at the device and unlock it. Apple has said Face ID is better than Touch ID at thwarting biometric spoofing. Someone could always force you to touch the Touch ID sensor on your iOS device to unlock it. However, with Face ID, a thief could point your iPhone X at your face before taking off with it. But Apple confirmed that it has you covered with two key mitigations: First, your iPhone X won't unlock unless you stare at it. Your eyes must be open. Second, you can grip the buttons on both sides of the iPhone X before you hand it over. Doing this will temporarily disable the phone’s Face ID facial-recognition feature. Apple’s new iOS 11 update also introduces a shortcut to disable Touch ID during emergencies. All you have to do is press on the sleep button five times on your iOS device.