10 reasons the ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a top Windows tablet

10 reasons the ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a top Windows tablet

Summary: There's a whole bunch of Windows tablets getting ready to hit the market, but not until later this year. The ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a top tablet out now, and here's what makes it so good.


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Topics: Mobility, Lenovo, Reviews, Tablets, Bring Your Own Device, Windows 8

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  • Thinkpad and James sitting in a tree

    James, we realize you have a ThinkPad Tablet 2, and some of us are jealous. But seriously, you can stop talking about it now...it's getting a bit stale ;)
    Dreyer Smit
    • Not Wacom Touch

      It cannot be the top without Wacom touch. It has many of the features of Wacom but from reviews I found on the web it is missing some. Close but not there yet.
      • But Wacom Digitizer

        As I understand it, the TPT2 uses a Wacom digitizer for the stylus (compatible with Wacom Penenabled styli) and another company's capacitive digitizer for touch. I'm not sure what touch featuresin Win8 you think are missing.
        • Google It

          Google "ThinkPad 2" and Wacom. When reading the reviews you will find several good comparisons. It is close but not Wacom.
          • No? It works with Penabled pens, though...

            If it's not Wacom, why does it work with my old penabled digitizer pen from Toshiba Portege?? I thought the penabled tech was owned exclusively by Wacom?
    • What's Your Problem

      Often all that goes on here is to flog James as "anti-Microsoft" so not that he found a good solution in the platform, and it is the best form factor yet, save for the impending flood of Bay Trail devices, why are you complaining?
  • I understand

    But I get asked daily why I like it so much and this piece is because of that. Sorry if you're tired of hearing about it. Thanks for tuning in, though.
    • One Unfortunate Drawback

      Looking at the ability work could replace my current TP with this device leads to one very unfortunate aspect: it is seriously underpowered and mem is anemic at best. Then add the moderate resolution and with a dock you would be driving a secondary display .....needs a bit more.
      Then again, my "normal" for work is likely a bi more power hungry.
      Still, not all bad as a WinPro tablet
      • Get what you want!

        We've heard enough of this talk of the Tablet 2 being underpowered. It is deliberately so because the emphasis is on long battery life. If you are looking for a Ferrari, don't even touch it, and don't criticise it because power is not the design criterion.

        I own the device. There are 3 things I dislike about it: (1) The screen touch calibration constantly drifts, losing accuracy. (2) The only USB port is a 2.0, which has inadequate power to support a USB-only DVD drive for installing software. (3) This applies to all Windows 8 tablets: Apart from the operating system, there is hardly a software that knows the data entry field on a form needs to move up to stay in view when the on-screen keyboard pops up - not even any of the popular web browsers. This last point is my greatest usability problem with Windows 8 tablets.
        • Agreed

          The web browser problem is the main reason I've gone back to using IE mainly, when in tablet mode. I still use Firefox when it is docked up, but Firefox is useless in tablet mode and it is incredibly slow and laggy.
          • Browsers..

            I didn't realise IE is smart about on-screen keyboard opening up - I haven't used IE in a long time. Thanks for the tip; I'll start using it whenever I am in tablet mode.
    • Exactly

      Apart from screen size, those are the same reasons I love my Samsung ATIV SmartPC 500, essentially the same specifications).

      It is powerful enough for my day-to-day needs and when attached to the desktop dock and external monitor, it makes an excellent desktop alternative.

      The only place it really lacks power is photo editing, which I use my old Sony Vaio laptop for.

      The one thing I do find, is that I keep answers / comments to an absolute minimum when using the onscreen keyboard, it is the best I've used, but still not really suitable for longer pieces of text.
      • Samsung ATIV 500T

        I actually bought the Samsung ATIV 500T before I bought the Thinkpad Tablet 2. True, the specs are basically the same and the Samsung is closer to being a normal laptop when docked. But it has one problem: The dock seems flimsy as, at the slightest movement, it loses contact with the tablet. Each time it does, you hear this "pop" sound, very irritating.
        • Since January

          I've had my ATIV since January and I've never experienced that problem.
  • not there yet

    I really wanted to love the Thinkpad Tablet 2. I still do. But after a month of "sleep of deaths", reboots into a black screen of oblivion, bluescreens of death, terrible stylus accuracy, etc etc, I came to the conclusion that the Tablet 2 was unusable, both in desktop and metro. Utterly, frustratingly, maddeningly unusable. And I was not alone in this conclusion, google find the trail of tears yourself. And I have a very high pain tolerance for technology. The HP Envy X2, same conclusion. Avoid these first gen Clovertrail tablets at all cost. Bay Trail is promising but we will see. If Lenovo does a Bay Trail thinkpad tablet 3 based on Bay Trail then, MAYBE.
    • Windows 8.1?

      Not my experience at all. Did you by chance install the Windows 8.1 Preview? I've heard the Tablet 2 has problems with that.
    • Windows vs Google Chrome

      It seems to me that you have install Google on to your tablet. Google is not any more what it use to be, the new version of Google "Chrome" after while wants to run the all of your apps and OS as I was toll it is design as spyware! Any computer with the Google is OK if you are going to use Only Google and let them monitor you operation.
  • Nice explanation

    Any word from Lenovo on their roadmap for the Tablet 2 with respect to BayTrail implementation.

    The dude above obviously had a defective unit which should have been replaced... It happens.
  • ASUS T100

    Later this month ASUS will be releasing the T100, a Bay Trail powered convertible with 32GB storage for $350 or 63Gb for $399. Not too long after Microsoft will be releasing their Haswell powered Surface. It's insane to buy a Windows 8 tablet right now with these much, much better machines so close in the pipeline. No doubt Lenovo will follow up with a ThinkPad Tablet 3 soon, too.

    And let me tell you: I can't wait.

    As much as a love my Surface RT, the Citrix team just hasn't showed the tablet the love that it deserves. The Receiver allows me to connect to my work machine and get work done in a pinch, but it's buggy and laggy and has seen no updates since April (meanwhile their Android Receiver has probably seen half a dozen updates in the same time).
    • Agree regarding Citrix

      You would think since Citrix owe its beginnings to Microsoft they would show a little more love towards the platform.