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Going to Mars with VR

Sasha Samochina, Immersive Visualization Producer at NASA/JPL, explains how NASA creates and uses VR and AR to help scientists and engineers understand extraterrestrial landscapes, and previews her contributions at SXSW.

3 days ago by in Virtual Reality

Uncomplicating blockchain

James Basnett, blockchain & innovation partner at Softvison, explains how blockchain is disrupting retail, makes recommendations on promising applications, and lists best practices when evaluating and experimenting with blockchain.

3 days ago by in Blockchain

Lenovo M57e

Lenovo M57e

The Lenovo M57 eco is a small form-factor desktop that is promoted by the company as energy efficient. We found it to be a capable and powerful office performer for its size, but with limited upgrade options.

May 27, 2008 by in Intel

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