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Amazon is the leading e-commerce company and has managed to branch out into new markets. The company has expanded its selection via a robust third-party selling network. Meanwhile, Amazon's Kindle is the leading e-reader device, but is facing tough competition from Apple's iPad, Barnes & Noble's Nook and Sony's Reader franchise. Amazon Web Services, the company's enterprise cloud computing unit, is gaining traction.

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Amazon Echo: Sorry, you're no SONOS

18 hours ago by in Cloud

Amazon Echo: Sorry, you're no SONOS

Amazon's entry into the home entertainment market is an interesting first try, but the company needs to bring the price down and expand its content ecosystem for it it be competitive with other cloud connected home devices.

Amazon Echo unboxing

May 18, 2015 by in Cloud

Amazon Echo unboxing

After waiting more than four months since placing his order, David Gewirtz finally got his Echo. Want to see what comes in the box? Click on in.

December 1, 2009 by in Amazon

Amazon CTO: Cloud's advantage

At the Supernova Conference in San Francisco, Amazon Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels broadly outlines the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure. He says Web services offer businesses the ability to lower costs, increase agility, and run a more secure platform within their organizations.

November 11, 2008 by in Apple

Short clip: Netflix on staying ahead of competition

Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer of Netflix, claims the company is well-positioned to stay strong in the subscription market. While companies like Apple and Amazon may be able to offer streaming capabilities, Netflix can offer hybrid packages so users can receive media any way they like it.

September 29, 2008 by in Amazon

How will the Internet bellwethers fare this earnings season?

ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das talks to Editor in Chief Larry Dignan and Senior Editor Sam Diaz about the financial health of Internet heavyweights, Google, Yahoo and Amazon. Dignan and Diaz share their views on Google's search business, Yahoo's prospects after Microsoft, and whether the current energy crisis is helping Amazon's online sales.

December 5, 2007 by in Hardware

Amazon's Kindle in a crashed state

ZDNet Executive Editor David Berlind demonstrates what happens when Amazon's Kindle is awakened from a crashed state. He also answers questions like: What's the recovery like?, How graceful is the comeback? And will resetting the device wipe out its memory?

July 10, 2006 by in Amazon


Scraping is not a four letter word. In fact, the HTML/HTTP protocol is the easiest way to offer your users a great UI and your applications a useable API, all from the same code. Keep it simple, and you can build an API around any site. In this presentation you'll learn how to build a scraping API with a few lines of code and a touch of style. You'll see how simple it is to build a scrAPI for eBay and Amazon. And we'll do it all using open source code.

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