11 amazing technologies that have totally changed our world for the better

11 amazing technologies that have totally changed our world for the better

Summary: What are the most awesome technology creations that have changed the world that we live in? Let's start with these.


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  • Solar Cells

    Solar cells convert light energy to electricity. The photovoltaic effect was first demonstrated by Becquerel in 1839. It has recently achieved a level of almost 45 percent efficiency.  A 5x5 ft solar cell could be screwed to the side of your house and meet all of your energy needs.

    Image: Delight

  • The Internet of Things

    The "Internet of Things" refers to objects that can be uniquely identified with an addressable system such as TCP/IPv6. IPv6 with its 128-bit address has scope to have a unique address for every single item in the world. There are approximately 3.4 x 1038 addresses available for use.

    You could even give each of your socks unique addresses to ensure that you will never mis-match them again.

    Image: Wireless Broadband

  • Transistors

    Transistors were first developed in 1947 by Bell Laboratories and allow precise control of the flow of current through circuit boards. A transistor is the active component in almost all modern electronics systems. Moore’s law predicted that over the history of computing hardware the amount of transistors in integrated circuits will double every two years, influencing their impact on the evolution of technology.

    Image: Wikimedia Commons



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  • zdnet's slideshow

    please stop using them. thank you.
    • zdnet...

      ..... needs volunteers, who can help them rewrite their site.
    • Second that

      Their image gallery is a PITA. Looks like one of those galleries that were top tech in the 90s
    • Zdnet Overlooked Ajax??

      Ajax allows one to dynamically update specific area on web page.
      You dont have to refresh the entire page just to update a single slide.
      The technology is almost 10 years old !!!!

      If zdnet doesn't want to revamp its site, it should atleast provide a "view all" option (which is provided by default in other tech sites)
      • Agree

        Ajax belongs on this list. Obviously, nobody at zdnet has heard of it.

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      Must be entering one and exiting out the other ear.
      It's EATING UP bandwidth we all pay for. Send them a bill.
  • The Fundemental one has been missed.....


    Without which all of the above listed would not have been possible.
    • Sorry Fundamental !

    • Agreed. And television and radio?

      Not even worth an honorable mention.

      It's not like we did anything useful with it, like watching the 1st human ever set foot on the moon or something as equally mundane....
      • Also missing: ENGINE

        Without the development of an engine, we would not have anything today. Not even electricity.
    • Spot on. To that I would add

      polymers. Electricity and plastics. Without them much of your world would disappear.
  • Get a clue, Headline writer.

    "11 amazing technologies that HAVE totally changed our world for the better"

    #2: Graphene WILL completely revolutionise technology.

    Did you people even take a single English course?
  • trojan man!

    super condom?!?! Wowza! Thanks grapheme.
  • throwback

    Who doesn’t love an old school mouse and floppy drive.
  • refrigeration

    I will mention refrigeration / AC since someone else mentioned electricity
  • please no slideshows

    especially if they have the same pop ad over the top of every page that you cannot close, how irritating, I have given up looking at the content.
  • 11 amazing technologies that have totally changed our world for the better

    The headline implies to me that these are technologies that are *unequivocally* for the better. Not so sure that is the case for all of these mentioned but I'd add antibiotics.
  • Slideshow presentation

    ZDNET claims my explanation of why they use the slideshow presentation has words or phrases in it which indicate SPAM. A moderator has to approve my message. I guess this is how ZDNET keeps criticism of itself to a minimum.
  • Solar Cells in 1839?

    Becquerel wasn't even born until 1852!
    The fact checkers for this article should be fired.
    And both the author and editor need to be reprimanded!
  • Really ....

    Talking about a 1977 HP computer and well over a million pcs today and you show an '84 Mac?
    The internet AND the internet of things?
    I guess flight isn't a biggie either