11 tricks for iPhone, iPad and iPod earphones

11 tricks for iPhone, iPad and iPod earphones

Summary: Here are 11 tips to help you get the more out of the remote control fitted to Apple earphones, or EarPods as they are now called.

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, iPad

In amazes me that people invest a lot of money into their electronic gadgets and then fail to make use of a lot of the functionality that they've paid for.

Take the Apple earphones -- or EarPods as they are now called -- with the remote control fitted. There's so much that this tiny little remote can do yet I only see people using a fraction of functionality they offer. Most people only seem to use the volume control feature, oblivious to the fact that the remote control can do so much more.

Let's take a look at what this three-button controller can do.

Button taps Action
Volume up.
Volume down.
Fast forward.
Skip to next track.
Skip to previous track.
Activate Siri.
 From within the Camera app, use to take photo.
 Answer, hang up incoming calls.
 Reject incoming call.

These tips will work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It goes almost without saying, however, that call-related tips are only applicable to the iPhone.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • 1 press up - volume up!

    You wouldn't say!
  • A camera remote?

    That is actually really really cool!
    • Is it?

      Bearing in mind they have to be plugged into the phone, just exactly how are you using the camera that a remote would be easier than a normal button press. Very few times would you not have the phone in your hands anyway.

      Good luck remembering what the correct 'code' is to skip tracks etc.............
      Little Old Man
      • I read them once and remember them to this day

        Alzheimers anyone?
        • Hahaha

          Nailed it!
          Kyle Hudelson
      • Little old man

        If you are not going to use the camera feature then DON'T USE IT. Apple didn't create these headphones specifically for you.. It's there for people that want to use the feature. I use it to snap a picture when I'm snowboarding so I don't have to take my gloves off when it's cold outside! Do what you want to do but if you really can't remember the controls then manually change the song if that's more convenient.
        Kyle Hudelson
  • Camera control

    The coolest one is the camera feature. The other ones, I need a cheat sheet to carry around so I remember how many taps and holds for each function. I got enough to remember!
    Lloyd Dobler
  • I'm Not So Sure

    I just bought those earphones, and I'm going to return them. If there was a microphone in them, I might think of keeping them. Siri and answering the phone is useless if you still have to use the phone's mic. All the iPod functions on my iPhone (and new iPad) can be done via Siri. The only thing you can't do is activate Siri. Then, the final reason, the earphones don't fit my ears well.
    • Few things...

      ... First off if you bought an iPhone or an iPod then they should have come with them lol so you should have 2 pairs. Second off they have a BUILT IN microphone. Lastly if you read the article then you would have seen that a long press activates Siri. Do what you want to do though.
      Kyle Hudelson
  • Nice one

    Thanks for the tips especially the press up for volume up and press down for volume down.
  • Single click to hang up...

    is incredibly annoying. I can't tell you the number of times I've wanted to turn the volume up or down and accidentally hung up on the other party.

    And I also miss the mute my mic option on the headphones. I use my headphones to take hands free calls in my car - it's a PITA to have to keep unlocking my screen and hunting for mute/unmute when I want to either talk or cut out the background noise