12 things I think (now that Apple's September 12 event is official)

12 things I think (now that Apple's September 12 event is official)

Summary: Apple finally sent out formal invitations to its anticipated September 12 press event. Twelve knee-jerk reactions to the next iPhone and more.


Apple has officially sent out invitations to its September 12 press event in which the company is expected to unveil the next version of its most profitable device, the iPhone.

As always, we don't know any more details beyond the tagline: "It's almost here." Which could be about pretty much anything, including the pizza you ordered for your office gathering over an hour ago.

Given the pop cultural hype surrounding Apple, there's a rush of emotions with every new announcement.

Twelve things I think now that it's official:

1.) Oooh, the new iPhone!

2.) It's just a new iPhone. I mean, honestly.

3.) I hope it's not called the iPhone 5 -- despite the obvious reference in the invite above -- just so it annoys everyone who's been calling it the iPhone 5.

4.) How long can we go on with the numbering scheme, anyway? At what point does it become silly?

5.) When will Siri come out of beta and finally understand when I ask her to find me some hotspacho? (Will there be an Easter egg that turns Siri into Sam Jackson?)

6.) Is there a limit to thinness and lightness? A family member recently told me that he disliked Samsung's Galaxy S III because it felt too cheap. (He also disliked the iPhone 4S for feeling too small.)

7.) Ugh, everyone on the Internet is going to be insufferable for the next eight days. And another eight days after that.

8.) But oooh, a new iPhone!

9.) I wonder how the new iPhone's additional length will impact the phone-in-the-back-of-the-jeans-pocket situation. And the phone-in-the-jacket-pocket situation. This is critical, people.

10.) There's going to be a tremendous amount of hype in the North American and European markets, but the real story is how this device will perform for Apple in China and other developing markets where domination has proved elusive.

11.) Oooh, the new iPhone!

12.) Ugh, the new iPhone.

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  • 2 more...

    13. Fans of other mobile platforms (but especially Android) will view it as "just catching up" and/or "copying things that Android's had for years" and/or "evolutionary, not revolutionary", even if it can read your mind via BT, "beam you up" (at which point we'll hear all about Star Trek's "prior art") and increase your IQ by 50 points. All those features will be considered by the same audience as inevitable solutions and therefore Apple's patents should be null and void.

    14. Apple fans will view it as the cure for cancer, world hunger, global warming and the meaning of life even if it's completely identical to the 4S with the exception of 1 feature (insert screen size, 4G, NFC, etc.). They will also look at all the features as creations only possible as result of years of isolution of Apple geniuses within Cupertino's iron clad think tanks even if they existed in the Commodore 64.
    • An article says that the iPhone 5 might not have NFC built in


      I don't know if it's accurate or not, but if the article is true, that is a good feature they're skipping.
    • Your just jealous that nobody give a s#@t when a new Android phone comes

      out. They're always a big yawn... and only pious folks even really like them...
  • Yes to #6

    "Is there a limit to thinness and lightness?"

    There are diminishing returns on making devices thinner and lighter. While a 1lb smartphone would be completely unacceptable in 2012, shaving another fraction of an inch / ounce off any modern smartphone simply doesn't add that much improvement to our usage of that device. I actually really like the dimensions / weight of my iPhone 4. I don't even think that going to a 4" screen, if it increases the overall size of the device, is something that I would find as a positive feature. I could live with it but I would view it as a "con" and not a "pro".
    • There is a limit right now

      but if some company can perfect the art of flexible glass and displays you will see them getting thinner and lighter.
      Loverock Davidson-
    • The limit is when the kills the battery life

      This is something most fanboys (of whatever brand) don't understand.

      Specs are nothing when all you can do is get the bare minimum usage and sometimes less than that.
  • Siri with Samuel L Jackson's voice!

    Dude that would totally rock! LOL
  • I'm digging the additional thoughts: 13, 14, etc.

    Add yours!
  • Bring on Windows Phone

    I lost interest in Apple when it became evident that Microsoft was going to give Windows Phone the attention it deserved. Now that it's Windows 8 it's a no brainer to go the Windows Phone route for me...
    Darren Sproat
    • Windows Phone? Does anyone actually use that loser OS?

      Besides the knuckle dragging fanboys? I tried it and returned te phone after a week, because it was Junk. Nokia at one time built quality phones, but their latest phones are designed in China, and built in sweatshops in India, along with the "Surface tablets"
      Troll Hunter J
      • "loser os"

        Using words like that only invalidates whatever statement you are trying to put forward. (unless you are 8 and believe swearing and badtalking actually gets you anywhere)

        I'm talking in "general".. I don't care if you are a Apple or MS fan (or both)...
        • I guess nobody told you

          After 2 years out Windows Phone just managed to pass the 4 million mark.

          A mark that is less than a third of what the competition sells on a monthly basis.

          So yes ... it is the loser mobile OS.
      • Get ready.

        WP8 is the real sh*t.

        Everything else is passé.
        • However...

          Some don't want a sh*t OS. Thanks for the warning.
      • What about iPhones?

        Are they assembled in the US of A? I find it rather funny that you bring up the same criticism - that Nokia phones are being built in sweatshops - [CITATION NEEDED] that's actually been Apple's fiasco since last year. Way to stick to your double standards. Stay classy, my friend.
  • 1 more

    Samsung will have another series of commercials with the Apple fans waiting in line for days and being depressed as they see the Samsung guy using the Galaxy S3/Galaxy Note.

    Same as above, but with the Windows8 phone in the Galaxy S3 body.

    Marketing spin aside, those commercials were pretty funny.
    • Is that rain?

      Um, yeah, it is.
  • More prior art

    In the 1987 BBC series Star Cops the lead character, Nathan Spring, gathered data and information by talking to, and getting verbal response, from an interface to some mainframe, a handheld device that was called "Box," for obvious reasons. It was slower than Siri, took quite a while to get back with answers, but the answers were correct instead of Siri-like.

    Prior art, Apple should pay royalties to the Beeb.
    common sense
  • Wow...

    This constitutes a headline article in the Smartphones email shot. Where's the unsubscribe link? Jesus.
    • Catchy headlines act as click bait

      And that's pay per click for you.