13 iPad apps needed on Windows RT tablets

13 iPad apps needed on Windows RT tablets

Summary: Windows RT tablets are due to appear next month and will enjoy the exclusive inclusion of Office. That's not enough to make these tablets attract to buyers. These 13 apps on the iPad will fill the needs of many prospective buyers if properly ported to Windows RT.

TOPICS: Tablets, iPad, Windows

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  • PDF Expert

    Tablets make great platforms for working with PDF documents and this app is as good as they get.

    In addition to being a good reader for PDFs, it also has outstanding pen support for filling out PDF forms on the go.

  • iThoughtsHD

    Mind mapping is great on the tablet, and this iPad app is an outstanding one for that purpose.

    A good mind mapping app would be a good fit for Windows RT tablets, and having this one available would be an good value for buyers.

  • Wordpress

    Blogging on the go is a common pastime for tablets, and the Wordpress is popular on iOS and Android.

    Windows RT tablets could benefit with having a native Wordpress app.

Topics: Tablets, iPad, Windows

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  • There already is an Evernote Metro-style app.

    I've got it installed, though it's pretty barebones.
    • Ditto for Kindle app

      ...which has been available for Windows 8 since the consumer preview at least.
      • The whole headline is pro-Apple propaganda

        Of all the "iPad" apps listed, how many of them are only iPad apps right now? Haven't actually counted but I think pretty much all of them are already available on Android and Windows Phone 7. So putting "iPad" apps in the title is crap. It should be "Must have mobile apps".

        You really want to refer to Google's mobile browser as an "iPad App"? Sure there is an iPad version but wouldn't you think Google would prefer to think of it as an Android App?

        And while we are on the subject, Windows RT doesn't necessarily need any of these. Continuing on the Chrome discussion, Windows RT doesn't need Chrome. What it needs is an excellent browser that will do things like sync bookmarks etc with the user's desktop. Just so happens a version of Chrome for RT would fit the bill...but its not the only possiblity.
    • Tried EverNote RT

      And it is abysmal compared to the one I have on my Android smartphone. They still have a lot of work to do to make it usable, no filtering, no view by tags, etc.
      • Evernote RT Editing

        Evernote for Windows RT needs huge improvements. In addition to the things mentioned by lepoete73, I need rich editing. Right now you can only edit/create notes in plain text.
  • Kindle is already there

    And it works nicely, including downloading books locally.
  • There Appears to be...

    An evernote app for windows 8 already (metro style). There is certainly one available for windows phone 7 which will run on windows 8 devices.

    Dropbox is a whole 'nother issue. I am not switching to Skydrive from dropbox, too big a hassle. Lack of a metro client fro dropbox will be a deal breaker for WP8. Besides, at least on the android client, about all you can upload to your skydrive is photos and video, maybe that'll be different with WP8 version.
    • Why?

      When Skydrive is much better. It's not a deal breaker. BS.
      • Tell me the Ways

        that skydrive is better? Not even pricing is better since DB essentially matched. Come on, what can I do on SD that I can't on DB?

        Here are some things I can do with DB that I can't with SD:

        1) Sync with a linux box like my media server.
        2) Upload files other than pictures or video from my android phone.
        3) Using another program (dropsync), I can actually sync selected files to my phone or tablet and have them in local storage so I'm not always dependent on my network connection.

        I'm also not liking having all these services tied together. I'd rather have storage (DB) and notes (EN) that is not tied to my email account.
        • There's an unofficial app already on WP

          It's called Boxfiles and it works pretty well for a freebie. This or an official app would seem to be a given for Windows 8/RT/WP8.

          The paid version of the app also includes SkyDrive support allowing access to both cloud storage facilities from one location. Nice. Between my 18GB of DropBox and 25GB of SkyDrive space, that's pretty much all my storage needs covered for a couple of dollars in a one off payment. :-D
  • That's great

    but at the same time it's not at alot of other places, so really not a one to one comparison.
    William Farrel
  • I need

    What I need is a Citrix client. I use the Android Citrix Recevier to remotely access our Citrix VMs at work on my ASUS Transformer. Works really well, especially since Citrix updated the app to correctly respond to the right-mouse button on the keyboard dock and wireless mice.

    Until that's in place, I really wouldn't be able to use an RT tablet. That said, I have to assume Citrix has one ready to go, or in the works.
    • udpate

      I guess I should have googled this first:

      • Excellent news. Just hope it can be ported to...

        ...WP8. As a WP7 user, the omission is glaring. Being a sysadmin that cannot use the companies remote access facilities is an embarrassment.

        Just a thought, the other hideous omission from my POV, is the lack of SIP client support in WP7. Skype, my hairy backside. I want a real SIP client, like Android's CSIP Simple. The best free SIP client software I have ever used. Although, holding a Nexus 7 up to your face is a bit weird.
  • 13 iPad apps needed on Windows RT tablets

    Give it time and some of these apps will come to Windows RT. I will not be waiting around for them before I purchase one. Buy now, get the apps later as they become available.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Umm, Vaporware...

      IMO we should actually drive real RT tablets a bit before deciding to "buy now." There is a wide variety in hardware and Microsoft has been failing in mobile with 100% consistency to date.
      • Vaporware?

        Its been shown at conferences, the device is real and exists. With all the news surrounding Windows RT tablets you would be wise to get in early and be one of the first with it.
        Loverock Davidson-
        • No. It's vaporware

          until you have a confirmed ship date.
      • Your comment is what has failed...

        ... as the Windows Phone 7 is wonderful consumer device (the Nokia is my favorite). Even the older mobile products worked quite well and are employed is a huge number of industrial applications. Even the Zune was great. So Microsoft has definitely shown that they have the capability to produce a great hardware/software platform for apps, and that is what this article is about; getting useful apps for it.
  • Five of your thirteen are already there

    Kindle, Evernote, TuneIn Radio, Word Press, Skype is a given.

    Discourse, in my opinion, is one of the best RSS readers on the platform. Flipboard would be a boon. Outside of that, I'm sure more and better apps will come along. Even better than your list above. Except, for first/second party apps. Well, even those can be done better as I'm using Tweetro right now. That and MetroTwit beat web Twitter anyday, in my opinion.