2014 travel gadgets for your inner minimalist

2014 travel gadgets for your inner minimalist

Summary: Take 'travelling light' to a new level with these innovative tools and gadgets.


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  • Rechargeable USB Travel Razor

    Name: Rechargeable USB Travel Razor

    Company: Sharper Image

    Price: $39.99

    A lot of luggage weight can be shaved by going back to the basics. This rechargeable travel razor is smaller than a standard smartphone and charges directly from a computer via USB. One charge gives the user 30 minutes of shaving time. 

    Via: Sharper Image

  • DLP Pico Smartphone Projector

    Name: DLP Pico Smartphone Projector

    Company: DLP

    If you're heading off to business meetings and have to attend presentations, a portable projector can be a useful tool on the road in order to quickly share documents and web pages with little fuss. The Pico Smartphone Projector can be found on a number of smartphones, and a sleeve is in development to bolt-on the projector to an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. 

    Via: DLP

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  • the pocket silver screen

    Even though I’ve never owned one, I’ve always been a fan of the phone projector. Think it would come in handy more often than not.