2014 travel gadgets for your inner minimalist

2014 travel gadgets for your inner minimalist

Summary: Take 'travelling light' to a new level with these innovative tools and gadgets.


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  • Mophie Space pack

    Name: Space pack

    Company: Mophie

    Price: $149.95

    When you're traveling for a long time, it's not surprising when your smartphone goes flat from use. The Space Pack, designed by Mophie, is a bolt-on for your iPhone 5 or 5s which gives your gadget an extra 1700mAh battery to keep juice flowing, as well as provides an extra 16 or 32GB of storage space -- which could mean the difference between you taking extra external storage drives with you or not on your travels.

    Via: Mophie

  • Canon PowerShot S120

    Name: Canon PowerShot S120

    Company: Canon

    Price: $750

    Canon is well-known for producing quality cameras -- in the same manner as rival Nikon -- and the PowerShot S120 is a good choice for a quality, compact camera. The small size doesn't take away the robust feel of the body, and the camera itself is equipped with a 24mm f/1.8 lens, IS, 12.1 Megapixel CMOS, a 3" LCD screen and is capable of shooting speeds of up to 9.4fps. 

    Via: Canon 

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  • the pocket silver screen

    Even though I’ve never owned one, I’ve always been a fan of the phone projector. Think it would come in handy more often than not.