2014 travel gadgets for your inner minimalist

2014 travel gadgets for your inner minimalist

Summary: Take 'travelling light' to a new level with these innovative tools and gadgets.


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  • Flip Video Mino Digital Camcorder

    Name: Flip Video Mino Digital Camcorder

    Company: Flip Video

    Price: $420

    The Flip Video Mino Digital Camcorder is a portable, pocket-sized camcorder useful for shooting video on the go. The camcorder has a flat back panel, 1.5" LCD screen, 2GB flash memory and the ability to record up to 60 minutes of video per charge. The gadget has a USB port so you can quickly edit footage and share files online.  

    Via: Amazon

  • EatSmart Precision Voyager Luggage Scale

    Name: EatSmart Precision Voyager Luggage Scale

    Company: EatSmart

    Price: $19.95

    It's important to keep an eye on your luggage weight, but often it's too easy to go over your limit and face charges when you reach the airport. To stop this occurring on your travels, consider purchasing some lightweight scales you can stick away and use before catching your flight. The EatSmart Precision Voyager Luggage Scales do just this -- clip them on to the handle of your bag or suitcase and a scale registers the weight. 

    Via: EatSmart

  • 4 Port USB Charger

    Name: 4 Port USB Charger

    Company: Sharper Image

    Price: $49.99

    Capable of charging up to 4 USB devices in one go, this 2.1 amp charger can be used for tablets, smartphones, cameras, portable gaming consoles and other devices. The charger also has multi-voltage capability so it can be used internationally. 

    Via: Sharper Image

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  • the pocket silver screen

    Even though I’ve never owned one, I’ve always been a fan of the phone projector. Think it would come in handy more often than not.