3 launches iPhone support

3 launches iPhone support

Summary: Three has launched a 3G SIM and data starter kit for those who want to get their iPhone from other carriers but use it on the 3 Network.


Three has launched a 3G SIM and data starter kit for those who want to get their iPhone from other carriers but use it on the 3 Network.

As the only major Australian mobile carrier not offering Apple's 3G iPhone, many 3 customers wanted to buy unlocked prepaid iPhones and swap an existing Hutchison SIM card into the handset to use the 3 network.

Unfortunately this hasn't been possible, with users having to hack their phone's hardware to make the iPhone work on the network. Now, however, the company has provided the necessary support for the popular device in the form of a starter kit with 3G SIM.

The kits will be available from 4 August at 3 stores across Australia. The pricing announced for iPhones on the 3 network is in the table below.

Min Monthly Spend Calls, SMS Freetalk 24/7 to anyone on 3 Monthly included data allowance in 3 broadband zones Additional use
$49 cap $350 $240 (300min) 1GB 10¢/MB
$69 cap $650 $350 (500min) 2GB 10¢/MB
$99 cap $1,000 $1,750 (2,500min) 2GB 10¢/MB
$129 cap $1,200 $1,750 (2,500min) 2GB 10¢/MB
$149 cap $1,600 $1,750 (2,500min) 2GB 10¢/MB
$199 cap $2,000 $2,100 (3,000min) 2GB 10¢/MB

Steps to use the iPhone on the 3 Network
A spokesperson for 3 said that as long as the iPhone was unlocked, preparing it for internet usage on the 3 network only took a few steps:

Go to: Settings, General, Network, Select Cellular Data Network, APN, 3 Services.

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  • No hacking required

    This article is incorrect. iPhones DO NOT require hacking to be used on the 3 network. All that is required is a simple, and official, unlock from the carrier of purchase. It is not difficult, nor does it void the Apple warranty. Please change your article to reflect this as it will unfairly lead people to believe that anyone currently using an iPhone on Three (me included) has somehow done something dodgy to do so.
  • Say What?

    So what exactally are 3 selling here? A plan? Very thin on the details on how to actually get an iPhone in the first place to use with 3.
  • It's in the first line of the article....

    Three has launched a 3G SIM and data starter kit for those who want to get their iPhone from other carriers but use it on the 3 Network.

    I would have thought that was fairly self-explanatory.
  • Data pland not too flash

    For $69 I would expect better than that for p1ss poor coverage and data usage.

    At that price my eeepc, vodafone 5g plan and torrents will ........

    Geeee, sort of sounds like a telstra plan.
  • How

    Still doesn't explain how to actualy get an unlocked 3g iPhone in the first place.
  • How

    You simply request the provider you got it from to unlock it (could be a fee), then after confirmation of the unlock, restore the phone in iTunes. You're free :)
  • dodgy

    What's dodgy about hacking hardware? You bought it - you can do what you want with it.
  • You can't "hack" (for carrier unlock) an iPhone 3G at this stage.

    "Hacking" your iphone, regardless of it it is bought outright or on a contract VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY. You do not need to "hack" your iPhone to have it working with Three, a simple (and official) unlock ensures you can use the iPhone on Three and retain your warranty. Also? You CANNOT currently hack the iPhone for the carrier unlock. There's only one way to do it and that's through the carrier you bought it from. This article is misleading.
  • RE: Data pland not too flash

    Hi Annon,

    Maybe you should take a look at Telstra's plans. Even by Telstra's usual poor standards, the original iPhone plans were utter tripe. The revised Telstra iPhone plans are not that much better and certainly not as competitive as everyone else's.

    To my knowledge, no one else is offering 1Gb data for a mere $49.
  • why get an iPhone

    Why not just buy a HTC they are better any way
  • "HTC vs iPhone" and "What's a gigabyte worth?"


    "Conclusion: The best smartphone around... If Apple's iPhone is not part of your equation."

    As for the pricing and Telstra's lip service to the iphone... I think this article has an interesting perspective:
    "The embarrassing pricing of Telstra's iPhone plans confirm that the carrier only offered the iPhone to retain customers who were likely to defect if it didn't offer the device. And while it seemed for a while like Telstra had missed the iPhone boat completely, the plans it finally offered weren't much better.

    By charging through the nose for data � except, of course, when iPhone users download content from BigPond sites � Telstra has sought to retain customers whilst keeping them from using their iPhones from accessing other online services. At these prices � said in the blogosphere to be among the world's worst iPhone plans � who is ever going to actually download a video or a decent-sized application onto their Telstra iPhone? "
  • Data Section

    The 1gig of data at 49 is nothing to scoff at.

    HOWEVER due to 3's smaller network and worse deal with telstra, if you roam outside a 3g area then you pay 1.69 per meg for data. Costly mistake to make. Optus plan isn't as generous as that, but its significantly safer. I just open the browser and use it without worrying if the 3g symbol is showing.
  • 3 uk

    Do you know whether a similiar service is available in the uk