5 top mobile apps

5 top mobile apps

Summary: There are millions of mobile apps of every kind imaginable. These are the best in five popular genres.


When you find a good mobile app, it changes the utility of your device. There are other good apps on each mobile platform, but these five are my picks for the best in five genres most everyone uses. If you have your own favorite please share it in the comments below so we can all benefit from your experience.

Tweetium for Windows 8.1

Twitter is a wildly popular social network, and while the official Twitter app on each mobile platform has improved, third-party apps are often better. Tweetium for Windows 8.1 is the best Twitter app on any platform.

Tweetium for Windows 8.1

The interface is gorgeous, and a joy to use on a Windows tablet. It handles portrait and landscape orientations equally well, with controls where you expect them. The developer keeps making it better and it is a fantastic app. Heavy Twitter users could find Tweetium to be the reason to go Windows.

See the full review of Tweetium for Windows 8.1.

$2.99 in the Windows App Store

Mr. Reader for iPad

RSS may be an old technology, but those of us who use it depend on it heavily. Mobile RSS aggregators must handle lots of feeds, and the articles they share.

Mr Reader
Mr Reader for iPad

Mr. Reader on the iPad does that with flair, and through a simple yet attractive interface that takes full advantage of the iPad. It's highly configurable, so each user can make it work the way he or she prefers.

$3.99 in the iTunes App Store

Office2 HD for iPad (Citrix ShareFile QuickEdit)

Individual and corporate tablet users almost certainly need a good office suite to deal with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents. There are a few good suites on every mobile platform, but Office2 HD is one of the few with the ability to track changes on Word documents.

Those who collaborate with teams know how important it is to see the changes that team members have made to Word documents. Office2 HD shows them clearly, so there’s never a question of who changed what.

Office2 HD
Office2 HD for iPad

This app is a full office suite that has solid document handling capabilities for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. It's not as capable as Microsoft Office, but it’s amazing what they’ve crammed into this mobile app.

This app's top listing may change with Microsoft set to unveil Office for iPad. Details of this upcoming app are sketchy, but if it's a full-featured version of Office it will likely rise to the top.

Free in the iTunes App Store

NeoCal for Android

Good utilities are a nice find in the app store, and NeoCal is such an app. This scientific calculator has every function imaginable for such a utility. It has registers and memory slots galore, and all in a totally configurable interface.

NeoCal for Android

The interface is attractive, and even has themes to fit any user. Using NeoCal is like using a calculator of old, but with a large, touch interface on an Android tablet.

$7.99 in the Google Play Store

Zite for iPad

From the moment Zite was introduced a while ago, it captured a large audience. This was due to the popularity of news aggregators, and the special interface of the app.

Moving around in Zite is a wonderful experience due to the way the app fluidly builds each page of news articles. Zite builds each page on the fly with article summaries flying in and generating an attractive layout instantly.

Zite for iPad

The app learns what you like the more you use it, and in short order presents news articles from around the web that you enjoy reading.

Zite was recently purchased by Flipboard, and unfortunately may not be long for this world.

Free in the iTunes App Store

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  • Productivity apps

    Thank you for sharing this. When it comes to productivity Meetings i a cool app. It works on iPad, iPhone and Mac http://themeetingsapp.com/
  • Tweetium

    I have to agree about Tweetium. I tried it after reading your review and bought it almost immediately. It is far superior to the base twitter app on any platform (we have ipads, an iPhone, and android tablet, windows 8.1 tablets and windows phone in our house) and really is just a pleasure to use. running it in snap mode while doing other work probably leads to more questions about my tablet than anything else I do (ok, full office generates its share of questions as well).
  • Jolt Private Messaging and Call

    I have to say that one of my favorite apps is Jolt Private Messaging and Call. Has all of my texts, video's, mail, and calls in one neat app. The encryption is the best part, privacy is hard to come by now days and this offers a little more security to your privacy while doing the things you already do.
  • Cool Android Todo & Calendar App!

    With SPLISTER , you can use voice recognition to create lists of tasks and reminders. Version 2.0 just came out and it added syncing with Google tasks and Google calendar. Here is what's really cool about version 2.0.....did you ever leave a store and say "oh man I forgot to buy something!", well then here you go: SPLISTER 2.0 has geo location reminders, which reminds me when I'm near an address of a store I specified for the location reminder or a task in one of my lists, nice!! It has has all the other features I need in a Task / calendar app such as ; voice notes, the ability to email my lists, repeating reminders, agenda , monthly , weekly and daily views, task sorting, search, snooze and custom alarm tones. Check it out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onesix.splister
  • What about games ?

    Hey I'm surprised to see that little game can perform on smartphone. Flappy Bird for example.
    One other is "Power Panic" which is really funny to play during coffee time !! To try !

    And you, are you more Flappy Bird, 2048 or big company games.