7 reasons not to wait for Apple's iPad mini

7 reasons not to wait for Apple's iPad mini

Summary: While fanboys and tech pundits are hyperventilating over Apple's expected iPad mini announcement, there are already plenty of tablet options out there to suit most people's needs. Here are seven of the best out there.


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  • Amazon Kindle Fire

    The latest incarnation of Amazon's Kindle Fire -- not to be confused with the higher-spec Kindle Fire HD tablet -- is a revamp of the first-generation Kindle Fire, a tablet that came from nowhere to own over half of the Android tablet market in a matter of months.

    The updated Kindle Fire offers three improvements over the earlier model. First, it's been upgraded with a processor that's 40 percent faster, so it's smoother and can get more done in less time. It also features an improved user interface making it easier to use than ever. It is also significantly cheaper than the original Kindle Fire.

    Amazon is also not mean with the storage either, with the Kindle Fire coming with 16GB of space for your apps and media.

    Price: $159.

    Image source: Amazon.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 

    It's easy to think that the only real players in the tablet arena are Apple, and Google, and bookstores such as Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Wrong.

    If you're interested in a tablet that features both front and rear cameras, and is kitted out with a micro-SD card slot, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 may be just the tablet for you.

    The tablet also comes with Peel's Smart Remote app installed as standard, allowing you to transform your tablet into a remote control for your TV. Sure, it's a free app that anyone can download from Google Play, but its inclusion on this device is a nice touch.

    Price: Starting at $199 for 8GB.

    Image source: Samsung.

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  • 8 Reasons not to wait....

    Microsoft Surface.... :D
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • 11 reasons

      1) It doesn't exist yet.
      2) It may never exist.
      3) The only thing we "know" about it is pure speculation.
    • 8 reasons for not wasting money

      apple computer inc's mini IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.......!!!!!!!!!!
  • :-)

    I love my Android but probably get a Surface RT these holidays along with my already pre-ordered Nokia 920. As for Apple products, well....already learning Objective C.
    • i love my palm pilot...!!!!

      it does anything..!!!
  • I'm waiting...

    I'm waiting for a 32Gb Nexus 7.

    For all those insisting that you should instead wait for a Windows 8 RT tablet: keep in mind that at this point, there has not been a single announcement of a 7" Windows 8 RT tablet... not one.

    I do think that Win 8 hybrid tablet/notebook PCs are giong to be great, and am excited to start playing with them plan to replaceme my Lenovo X61 with one. But so far there's no Win RT device taht's comparable to a 7" Android or iOS tablet.
  • Hype antedote

    iPad Mini? [stifled yawn]

    This is an iPhone with a slightly bigger screen, and disproportionate levels of hype. iOS is old news, now, and there are cheaper and better devices to choose from. Is this really the best Apple can do today?
    Tim Acheson
    • Funny thing is

      that it will STILL outsell any Windows 8 tablet. And wasn't the same exact thing said about the iPad with the added snarky and oh so wrong prediction that it will be a fad? BTW how do you know there are cheaper devices out there when 1) Apple has not even said for sure if they are making an iPad mini and 2) There are no prices released for this hypethetical device?

      Come on iHater, is the post above really the best you can do?
      • Love it when people bring up sales

        Vista outsold all OS X versions combined.
        • Windows vs OS X

          And the the percentage of people cursing their windows operating systems is 10 times higher than OS X users.
          • Windows Users

            And the percentage of windows users that don't have to take a "sphincter pill" in the morning before they boot their systems? --- 100%
          • Probably because

            Apple only has 5% of the market.
          • You might want to recheck your numbers

          • Numbers checked...

            And you're right. Apple doesn't make it in to the top 5 computer sellers, so the most accurate estimate is somewhere < 5%. With a bit of luck iOS will join it in those doldrums sooner rather than later.
      • Apple could bring out

        A painted turd, price it at $400 and people like you would line up for it in droves.
        Does the word lemming mean anything to you.
        • People who point out Windows has 95% of the market using the word lemmings


          (Even more priceless is the fact that ZDNet's stupid comment system thinks any post that only says priceless is spam.)
    • Religious Wars

      I normally try to stay out of religious wars, but unless Apple pulls a rabbit out of a hat tomorrow, I suspect you are correct. If the prognosticators are right, 1024 x 768 resolution isn't going to light anyone's fire. Jobs may have been an obnoxious SOB, but he drove the company to do new and interesting things, and that spirit appears to have been lost. Twenty-four hours to find out if the pundits were right. Whatever the specs., Apple will sell a zillion, because they are the greatest marketing company in the tech industry. NOBODY does hype better than Apple.
    • Not that you had any to begin with

      but you lost all credibility when you claimed better and cheaper options when it had not even been announced yet. Are their cheaper option, there most certainly are. Are they better, that is subjective and you can only make that call for yourself, nobody else.
  • Hi Adrian,

    Could you please fix the typo in the Nexus 7 price.
  • 7 reasons not to wait for Apple's iPad mini

    I didn't see the Microsoft Windows Surface in that list. That is the device worth waiting for.
    Loverock Davidson-