9000 sign onto Vodafone class action

9000 sign onto Vodafone class action

Summary: Vodafone customers in droves have registered interest in joining a potential class action lawsuit against the telco over 3G network and call dropping issues on its mobile network.

TOPICS: Telcos, Legal

Vodafone customers in droves have registered interest in joining a potential class action lawsuit against the telco over 3G network and call dropping issues on its mobile network.


(La Casa Movil de Vodafone image by Marcos Morales, CC BY-ND 2.0)

Since Sydney-based law firm Piper Alderman announced it was investigating the possibility of a class action suit against Vodafone for problems with its network over the past few months, it has been inundated with registrations of interest from customers. The law firm posted an update on its site today, stating that approximately 9000 customers had registered interest in the action.

The law firm said it would be using the next 10 business days to investigate the specific circumstances of people who had registered for the action and said 3 customers (now part of Vodafone Hutchison Australia) could also register their interest in making a potential claim against the company.

The firm is also accepting interest from mobile broadband customers who have been affected by the ongoing issues on the 3G network.

There is no cost to join onto the action if the law firm proceeds, it states on the site, but should the action be successful, the firm would seek a commission of 25 to 40 per cent of the compensation received. The entire process is expected to take between 12 and 24 months.

Vodafone yesterday pledged to fix its network in 2011 with a series of upgrades. The telco is planning to upgrade or build more than 2500 mobile base stations in 2011.

Topics: Telcos, Legal


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  • I am not receiving text messages or phonecalls made by others at all or until hours later. Getting into many arguments with people that need my service and friends and family that think I am ignoring them. Now my new phone doesn't work
  • I, to, like many of you are having problems with vodafone, dropped calls a regular thing and no service and people calling me only to hear a message that "this service has been disconnected"! I can't tell how many problems that has caused me at work!!!!! I'm also in the process of building a house and yep!!! dropped calls and the message saying my service has been disconnected has caused me endless problems!!!! I was even on the phone to vodafone yesterday, regarding my bill and the call dropped out, and it took 4 attempts for my daughter and I to have a 20 second conversation yesterday, she is also with vodafone, it really is a nightmere.
  • I have purchased a prepaid 2gig vodafone broadband stick 2 months ago and have topped it up once but have had
    nothing but trouble with it , it has at times just dropped off others times it keeps giving me an error code 365 not allowing me access to the internet , my computer will not shut down if I use the broadband stick to get on the net , I have to force shut down , if I do not use the vodafone stick at all my computer will shut down . I have probably spent over $25 in calls to vodafone to try and fix these issues the last call was yesterday the 08-01-2011 and while I had to wait approx 10 to 15 mins , the 1 300 calls or not free on my mobile phone therefore incurring me significant cost trying to just get what I have paid for and after finally being answered I explained without swearing or abuse that I wanted a refund and was not happy , THEY HUNG UP ON ME ! I could not believe it , its noe to the point if there was a vodafone representative in front of me I would spit on them .
    They also have the nerve to leave a recorded message while your waiting on the phone at your own expense saying SIT BACK RELAX & AND TAKE A BREATHER ! now why would anyone say that , obviously they must realize they are frustrating people but are not prepared to do any extra to relieve the problem . I just want my money back and never have anything to do with them again , I find them dishonest . I am in sydney trying to desperately buy a certain vehicle as I live up on the far north coast on a rural property and it is a must i have transport , also urgently needed to get home as Ballina airport has been closed often due to flooding my property is right on the river and it is urgent I get back , Vodafone have severely affected my time and opportunities .
  • I have been with vodafone for almost a decade and their network has just completely crapped itself the past 2 years. Why?

    Because they were over confident about their shitty towers and offered everyone unlimited calls here and free gigs there, and now the network can't handle all the activity.

    I don't think they should have let it get to this state in the first place and spent their profits on infrastructure before letting customers suffer.

    I have suffered loss of business, and even lost contact with a few old friends because they had deleted my number as they could never call it (my voicemail fails to work and callers are greeted with "this number is unavailable or disconnected"), messages either come all at once in the afternoon, or I have people complaining I haven't replied to undelivered sms.

    3G mobile net is a joke, it takes 1 MINUTE to load GOOGLE. WTF. Downloads constantly fail (I wasted 500mb once trying to get a 50mb file). It never used to be this bad.

    I think i might call the Telephone Ombudsman and claim a "breach of contract". I'm doing my part and paying $100 a month, vodafone isn't doing theirs. I can't hardly make calls, sms is stuffed, my 3gig of 3G unusuable. Tried different phones, so that excuse is not gonna work this time vodafone. And I AM NOT paying fees to end my contract. I have paid these numbskulls enough.

    Hello Optus? Telstra are rumoured to be releasing some more competitive plans this year also (hopefully a similar "unlimited" cap)!
  • I have two phones one is vodafone and then other is 3, we are not happy with the constant dropouts, slow data connections. Called Vodafone and got on hold for almost 2 hours and the person picked up the phone, simply hanged up the phone.
    • We can't wait for our contract with Vodafone to expire in September! My partner can never get me on the phone... it goes straight to voicmail! So then, I have to call HIM back. It would be okay if I had been on the phone at the time he called, but I seem to constantly be in an area where there is no coverage (happens a lot in the CBD of Sydney!)
  • Most recent frustrating incident; Yesterday I was standing 100 mtrs down the road from where my boyfriend (also on vodafone!) was parked, in North Sydney @ 5pm, I messaged him to tell him to drive down to the traffic lights to save hime turning around in peak hour traffic, waited 5 minutes, nothing, He didn't receive my 3 messages until 8pm last night!
    I can't get 3G reception in the city, interstate, on the train or at my house... I can never check my emails, and am lucky if i have reception long enough to make a phone cal, and texts I send dont reach people for hours or even days, and vice versa... What the heck am I paying $140 a month for? A phone I cant use? Yeh, thaaaaannnks Vodafone...
  • Try being in another country and getting through to the vodaphone call centre at this time, simply to change plans - absolutely impossible!

    And because hold queues are so long, I'm chewing through my (local currency) pre-paid credit.
  • This is definitely a case of it's not me it's you. Today my phone didn't ring and 6 hours later I received 3 voicemails. I run a business which clients require appointments, vodafone has lost me business, which has caused me loss of income. Sometimes I will phone someone back and they had left the message the day before. I had no Internet for the entire day. I couldn't send a birthday message to my son overseas.
    Very annoyed 2
  • We have been disconnected for a month left supposed to be without charge and we sent phones back and one new bill a week turns up ranging from 70 to $900 something has to be done they all need to be sacked and hire and train real Aussies I've had it
  • Hello,

    I to have been let down by the loss of reception on my phone on a few occasion's. Especially when I go out for a drink down my local, and I am waiting for a few friends to turn up and to let them no my wear- abouts. They try ringing can not get through the service drops out. I try msg them but the msg do not reach them until later that night or the next morning. My partner and I had a massive argument over this he said he'd tried ringing a couple of time's, in which he had a ring tone on his side but i did not recieve the call, not even a msg saying missed calls. We nearly split up over that he thought I was ignoring him, but no missed call showed up or recieved calls so he thought I was tell fibs. As for the call centre's they need to get some real english speaking people on there, these operator's are hard to understand.
  • I have all sort of trouble with my Vodafone phone I receive so much miss call allmost every second call. Phone freezes all the time, there's never reception so I can't make calls and thefore it interupts my business in so many ways. I can't trust my phone and I lose alot of business calls etc
    Hussain paktan
  • i have been a loyal customer to vadafone for at least the past five years .starting with pre paid phone credit at first an thought i was on a winning streak.with a $49 pre paid cap which was a bundle with around $230 credit for txt ,pic and talk time...towards the end of my pre paid days i noticed my money wasnt stretching as far...usually a month ..but diving towards only 3 weeks (not sure if the drop outs were contributing towards the loss)but thought i was still a winner ..then broken phone.. so i thought as a tax write off i'd be better off on a plan (also capped at $49).Well wasnt i mistaken ...The drop outs WORSE then tlk time more expensive also reception woes..so thinking id be best lifting my caps well wasnt i WRONG!!!!with the average bill per month coming in around $200 ...I now find myself doing work outside urban areas (not far, less than 2kms)an have more drop outs than ever(come on VODAFONE pick your pathetic greedy game up )i cant help thinking that im being bent over an rogered Hard ..i cant trust many networks, but will go with one which provides far better coverage.Telecommunications networks have left a beaut sour taste in my mouth an left me thinking that its not about the consumer and more about corporate GREED. I have had plenty of time to think about this and realise that its worth paying a little more for convenience ,rather than inconvenience and when one whos a small business operator ,CUSTOM IS EVERYTHING ,especially to those who help to make you who you are... BOO VADAFONE BOO ...YOU WILL NEVER HAVE MY CUSTOM AGAIN.
    ian lakin
  • Nothing but problems with vodafone including call drop outs, missed calls, late messages, continuous lost connections plus a faulty phone that they would not replace, the list goes on and on. Trying to sort out the problem was a nightmare, waiting on the phone for over an hour most times. Ridiculous. Tried to sort these problems out with them on numerous occasions, got passed from one customer service person to another, told one thing by one person then something different by someone else. Continued to pay each month without a phone until enough was enough. Now they want nearly $2000 to end contract. For what I ask, I had no phone, and the customer service is none, I am now with optus and never have i had a problem and the service is great. I advise everyone never to go with vodafone because of the experience i have had.
    Josh Kruisse
  • Vodafone has now become F'in useless. they **** me, and all my friends and family are abandoning them like flies. absolutely hopeless, and they just don't care. they will when they go broke, i can't even get a signal anymore. I'm not charging up my vodafone again, and i will never try to use my internet dongle agin. I'm over Vodafone. they are so Passe. bye bye Voda, and 1 leads to 2 the 2 to 4 and so on!
  • I have been putting up with vodafones incompetence and non professional manner for over 12 months.Dealing with them has made my parkinsons worse and my stress levels have gone through the roof.I cannot take nomore.I have had enough.I believe vodafone should close down . Kind Regards J.KNIGHT 0431799113