A gold iPhone? A scary thought

A gold iPhone? A scary thought

Summary: How come when Apple is prepping a gold iPhone it's cool in some way, but when Porsche Design launches a gold BlackBerry we snicker (even though we can't afford 20,000€).


One of the next iPhones---you know the portfolio of devices that Apple is reportedly going to reveal Sept. 10---is going to be gold (or perhaps champagne).

Gold iPhone? A bit late.

This news--highlighted by MG Siegler in a TechCrunch column and analyzed everywhere in the tech world since it is August and we have to yap about something---has had me scratching my head for two days. Really?!? Gold (excuse me champagne color-ish).

If there's a gold-ish iPhone coming down the pike I have to think we're at the point where Fonzie is jumping the sharks on his motorcycle. Folks, it's all downhill from here.

Gold may be appealing on some level, but on electronics it screams bling. It screams we're trying too hard to be luxury. It screams cheesy. And the part I really don't get: How come when Apple is prepping a gold iPhone it's cool in some way, but when Porsche Design launches a gold BlackBerry we snicker (even though we can't afford 20,000€).

A gold iPhone is just nutty. A gold iPhone is as appealing as the spate of moose knuckles being spotted all around San Francisco. It's. Just. Not. Fashionable.

The really funny part is this: The gold iPhone should it play out will probably deliver huge sales. Rest assured that iOS 7 and an iPhone for emerging markets (and cost conscious folks in developed markets) will have a larger impact. But that's small comfort---especially if this gold iPhone contraption turns out to be real.

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  • I don't mind

    I ditched both Apple (Iphone4S) and Google lately... They can make a phone out of gummybear jelly for all I care :)
    • Fabulous!

      Gummybear jelly! What a great idea! Where do I sign?
      • Gummybear jelly!

        Yeah, built-in shock protection. Another great innovation by Apple.
  • I'm not impressed.

    But, if it's true, it will probably sell boatloads in China.
    • And some other narkets too...

      ...like the Middle East, where anything gold is viewed very positively.
  • It could be worse

    If they do, how long will it be before Android and W8 phones get all shiny and golden?
    • That was also my first thought

      the Android and Windows trolls can grumble and rumble, but when their "team" follows what Apple is doing then it will all of a sudden be a great idea.
      • i see...

        that apple has you completely brainwashed...is this really the first you've heard of a gold phone?...go ask google about gold phones...

      • How would you ever get to sleep?

        That's funny, Some didn't even read the article, they just saw "Apple" and "Gold" and didn't notice that this was a mild dig on apple. They're the trolls here, (that's too hilarious). Doubt Android will follow since iOS7 is stealing from Android and old WebOS to try to at least keep up. And, as usual, Apple fan-boys are more concerned with the image of the phone and how hip it makes them look, not with performance and function. Not everyone wants to go down the bling path. Some want a lightweight, functional, innovative, professional, realistic, smartphone. Gold is 2007 anyhow, go get a Samsung and watch Ocean's 13.
        • And Some People . . .

          . . . want a high-quality, easy to use, reliable, smart-looking, sensible, more secure, easily shareable with real functionality will get the iPhone. Wasn't that Ocean's 13 phone a Samsung anyway??
    • Umm...

      put the kool-aid down for a second and google "gold android phones"...
  • This is not news

    There have been, at least since iPhone 4 several companies that specialize in making your iPhone gold. The genuine iPhone is stripped off it's case and a new case is put on, made from gold (various quality, thus luxury level).
    I have personally touched few such phones.

    Of course, I don't believe Apple intends to make an iPhone from gold.
  • Absolutely un-cool

    As an Apple hater, I am delighted that they will be producing this phone! I'm not sure who the author is referring to when he implies that some people think a gold-tone iPhone is cool. I'd have to re-assess the coolness of ANYONE who likes/buys/promotes this phone.
    • Your eyes are not open

      Just look at the bling cases that many of the teen and female set have. Any color you want, themes, rhinestones, etc. Now wouldn't Miss Hilton just love one?
  • The question is not "why?"

    The question is "Why not?" Because it offends your sense of practicality? Well, that might be the exact effect people who buy such phones are looking for "I got money and YOU don't." you know women who buy Louis Vuitton purses that go great with gold accessories...Go figure.

    Seriously, you need a Vegas trip. Tour the malls that are attached to the Bellagio, Caesars, Aria, etc. You will NEVER ask such a silly question again.
    • Yes it is...

      When anyone uses stuff to broadcast "I got money and you don't" my response is "I don't care what you 'got'. I have character, class and contentment (and good grammar) and YOU don't." Contentment, and therefore happiness, is not found in "Having what you want, but in wanting what you have" or "what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but as a result, loses his own soul?"

      Those who pursue such trivial materialism will never be satisfied, will never be content. They are intent on trying to get everyone to notice them and see how rich and successful they are and everyone is intent on trying to get everyone else to notice them and see how rich and successful THEY are. They snap up every new gadget thinking "I have the latest and greatest and more than (fill in person or group). Now I will be happy." That is until a new thing comes along and the cycle repeats. It is an unending pursuit of wealth and material possessions that eventually begins to produce an awareness of the fact that they are empty and the satisfaction of obtaining the object of desire is short lived. They can't seem to acquire anything that brings permanent happiness and and long term satisfaction. With each new acquisition this awareness of the emptiness intensifies. In an attempt to fill the mysterious void they intensify the pursuit of more wealth and material possessions. As the repeating cycle continues and they grow old with no satisfaction in sight, they begin to get desperate, bitter and cynical and live in fear of losing all that they have acquired. Finally, they begin to ask "Why?"

      The answer to why is because mortal humans are born with a need to understand and fulfill his or her purpose. That purpose is one and the same for us all. It is to have a relationship with and glorify their creator. The living God of the universe. This can only be obtained through a belief in and acceptance of redemption in the son of God, Jesus Christ.
  • Jump the Shark

    Fonzie jumped the shark on water skis (not his motorcycle), which was just one of many ways in which it had no relevance to the story line.
  • An Americentric analysis

    The gold iPhone is not for us Americans. We have the black iPhone, and we cover them in cases anyway. White and gold iPhones are for the Asian market, who have a very different threshold for gaudiness.
  • Bahahahahaha....

    iPhones are for idoits....Gold iPhones are for super idiots....

    please don't waste money on these useless idevices....
    • An idiot who can't spell idiot

      What more can anyone say? Please waste your time somewhere else.