A look at Nokia's Booklet 3G netbook

A look at Nokia's Booklet 3G netbook

Summary: The first images of Nokia's foray into the PC manufacturing business have been revealed

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Finnish handset-maker Nokia has unveiled its Booklet 3G netbook, the company's first venture into the PC-manufacturing business.

    The Windows-based device, announced on Monday, will have many features commonly associated with high-end smartphones, including embedded 3G connectivity and assisted GPS (A-GPS).

  • The Nokia Booklet 3G will be just over 2cm thick and weigh 1.25kg. According to the manufacturer, it will have a battery life of up to 12 hours.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Well there going to need something..

    In it for graphics otherwise there's no point putting HD connectors on it, I will be interested to see what price there going to put this on the shelf for.
  • Shame

    It's a real shame they took the Redmond shilling and have not released a Linux based version. I could really do some good stuff with one of them !!
    Andrew Meredith
  • A Shame Indeed

    I agree, and I had the same thought. I would really like to try one, with various Linux distributions, it looks like it could be pretty nice. But I am not about to buy one, and pay the Microsoft Tax, just to wipe the disk and install Linux myself. I've played that game once, with the ASUS N10J, and although I am very pleased with the results, my conscience still bothers me about it a bit. Not a lot, but a bit.