A look at Twidroyd and TweetDeck Twitter clients on Android

A look at Twidroyd and TweetDeck Twitter clients on Android

Summary: ZDNet UK takes a look at the latest version of the now-venerable Twidroyd and its upcoming rival from the popular desktop Twitter client TweetDeck

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  • On Wednesday, PostUp released Twidroyd 4, the latest version of its popular Twitter client for Android smartphones. The big new feature of Twidroyd 4 (pictured) is LivePreview, which provides a way to quickly look at the things linked to by Twitter users.

    Meanwhile, the popular desktop Twitter client company, TweetDeck, also has an Android version of its product in beta.

    Using a Motorola Milestone — known in the US as the Motorola Droid — ZDNet UK put both Android-based Twitter clients through their paces to see how the microblogging service is now being used on Google's smartphone platform.

    Photo credit: David Meyer

  • Twidroyd, one of the longest established Twitter clients for Android, now provides a live preview of the content linked to by Twitter users. The service was known as 'Twidroid' until July, when it was bought by PostUp. The new owners changed the service's name due to Lucasfilm's "droid" trademark.

    LivePreview kicks in when the phone is rotated to the landscape position. It shows the news stream in a left pane and the linked content — in the case pictured above, an image — in the right. However, the functionality is only available to people using Android 2.0 or higher.

    Photo credit: David Meyer

Topics: Mobility, Apps

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