ABI Research: Tablet shipments expected to topple $64 billion in 2013

ABI Research: Tablet shipments expected to topple $64 billion in 2013

Summary: Looking back a few years from now, 2013 could be pegged as the year that the tablets took over.


Traditional PCs are having a rough time right now, but that can't be said for tablets.

A new report from ABI Research asserts that worldwide tablet sales are expected to surpass approximately $64 billion in 2013.

To break that down further, ABI expects that mobile device manufacturers will ship approximately 150 million tablets by the end of the year. That allotment is said to be worth $64 billion.

So technically, there's still a differentiation between shipments and purchases by consumers, but that's a lot of dough either way you look at it.

Researchers pointed toward the form factor of the tablet as the key selling point, suggesting that the "convenience and mobility benefits afforded by tablet computers are showing no signs of slowing interest after record unit shipments and revenues were reported by device vendors in 2012."

But which mobile OEMs are expected to benefit the most from this jump?

ABI hinted that Samsung could end up with the upper hand here -- if it can execute a well-planned strategy, according to ABI mobile devices senior practice director Jeff Orr.

Given that Apple has dominated the tablet market since the debut of the iPad in 2010, Orr also discussed the iOS maker's prospects this year.

The tide is definitely turning toward Android-based tablets, though Apple will not slouch as it feels the competition approaching. The iPad mini was a timely introduction in 2012, though ABI Research remains cautious about the bottom line impact this is having for Apple. The first quarter of 2013 should be the first time where production was able to meet market demand and a better sense of how much 9.7” iPad volume has switched to the smaller, lower-cost mini will be understood.

But just yesterday it was reported that the next iPads could be delayed as the Cupertino, Calif.-based company works out some kinks around the display and possible fingerprint technology.

Thus, this could be where Samsung wedges itself in further into the global tablet market and take advantage of that delay.

ABI's full report on media tablets and e-readers is available online now.

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  • Ain't going to happen

    because Loverock says they are a fad, and he is an IT Professional - allegedly.
  • Headline

    How do tablet shipments TOPPLE $64 billion??? Might want to proof the head.
  • ABI Research: Tablet shipments expected to topple $64 billion in 2013

    Ain't going to happen because they are a fad. If tablets do reach that number in 2013 they better enjoy it while they can because 2014 will be the year tablets decline. People are leaving them at home and quickly realizing they have no need for the tablet device. They bought them once and won't make that mistake again. When I'm out in the public and going to different shops I don't see the tablets. Then I get to come back here and tell you how I was right.
    • Buy a horse!

      Loverock-Davidson: he's the guy on the horse laughing at the guy who just bought a gas powered car for being so foolish as to fall for the motorcar fad. "Next week you'll be back on your horse wondering why you ever bought that silly thing!" he yells. But history barely takes note, as it motors right on by him. It's too busy powering into the future to worry about the naysayers and skeptics.
    • Commodities

      I see tablets as commodities today. Tablets are better than other devices in some situations, but I am not prepared to pay much for it and it will not be replaced often.

      If you reading a lot of pdf:s, tablets makes sense...
  • The Dimdows Fanbois Need To Get Their Story Straight

    The Microsoft fanatics really need to decide what their propaganda line is going to be this week. On the one hand they keep claiming Windows will dominate tablets next quarter or next year, just you wait (like we've been waiting for over a decade), while on the other hand, at the same time, they insist this whole tablet thing is just a fad, it'll blow over next quarter or next year, just you wait (while first Apple and then Android tablets have been going from strength to strength the last three years).

    Consistency of the party line, they have heard of it!