Acer announces Haswell-powered $300 touchscreen Chromebook

Acer announces Haswell-powered $300 touchscreen Chromebook

Summary: The current touchscreen Chromebook has a minimum price of $1,300. For $1,000 less you will soon be able to purchase an Acer C720P with a touchscreen display.

TOPICS: Mobility, Google
Acer announces Haswell-powered $300 touchscreen Chromebook
(Image: Acer)

After arguing for Chromebooks in this week's ZDNet Great Debate, I started looking for a new Chromebook for the holidays after the HP Chromebook 11 was pulled from shelves.

One compelling new Chromebook just announced yesterday is the Acer C720P, the second touchscreen Chromebook. Unlike the $1,300 to $1,500-priced Chromebook Pixel, the new touchscreen Acer Chromebook is priced at just $299.99.

For this price you get an 11.6 inch HD 1366x768 resolution LED backlit touchscreen display and device powered by a Haswell chip, the Intel Celeron 2955U processor.

A touchscreen display on a Chromebook allows you to pinch to zoom in apps and websites, swipe, and tap on links and other items. It seems to make more sense to have a touchscreen on a tablet, but recent data shows more people are looking to use touchscreen laptops and it is tough to not consider this device at just $300.

The Acer C720P should run for up to 7.5 hours, has a large capacity 32GB SSD, 2GB of RAM, along with HDMI, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 ports. It weight just under three pounds and is 0.78 inches ( mm) thick.

The Acer C720P will be available in early December at, Best Buy, and the Acer store. Acer stated that it will be available in several configurations so there should be LTE models available at a slightly higher price.

While it is interesting to see a low-priced touchscreen Chromebook, I am still looking for that higher end display model that has no touchscreen yet is more affordable than the Pixel. 2014 will be interesting for Chromebooks and affordable Windows 8.1 devices.

Topics: Mobility, Google

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  • Why buy this

    When you can get a Win 8.1 Asus T-100 for the same amount and have a device that can jettison the keyboard, run all desktop apps, has 10 hours battery life, twice as much native storage, USB 3.0 and doesn't require a persistent internet connection to truly be useful? If the answer is you wouldn't then Chromebooks are soon to go the way of netbooks.
    widow maker
    • The Asus T-100 is 399.99, not 299.99

      • $299.00

        At the MS store the much more feature rich, native app supporting, full Windows powered Asus T-100 is $299.
        widow maker
        • feed up with windows

          More features, more virus, more expensive but less safe, and less usable at the end for the majority of people. For a second time in a year, my Windows get a virus even though with anti virus and it myst be re-installed. Moreover Windows 8.1 is still Windows 8 and it still cost more than a Touch screen Chromebook. This said, you can do everything you want with a Chromebook. Touch screen Chrome OS + Touch screen Ubuntu ars the best combination for the new Acer C720P. I can't wait to buy it.
    • Because it's a better value (for many people) for less money

      ChromeBook has bigger screen, more usable disk (the 32GB T-100 has 10GB left for the user, according to reviews; and yes, you absolutely CAN make use of the disk on a ChromeBook), bigger keyboard (as a result of the larger screen/frame), considerably better CPU (the Haswell 2955U runs rings around the Atom Z3470) including better integrated graphics, dual speakers. They both have USB 3.0.

      And it includes the 100GB Google Drive storage and 12 free indie-gogo or whatever they're called passes.

      And none of the problems the reviewers note on the T-100. Every review I read has noted issues with the keyboard and screen connector.

      I'll take your word on the $299 in the MS store, but that's not MSRP, everywhere else the 32GB T-100 is $350+ -- the Acer's MSRP is $299.

      Just give it up, man. For anyone who doesn't NEED to run Windows apps, this is a great deal.
    • 1st advantage: don't come with Microsoft Windows

      This alone make it an interesting proposition.
  • You could buy a tablet

    that can do more than a Chromebook....and you can buy them at about the same price....
  • wonder Acer CEO has to quit.

    Why on earth would anyone buy this?
    • Yup....

      Acer is pure crap.
      Amazingly Crappy and Endless Rubbish
    • Yes their problems are because of chromebooks

      They are not selling as they expected....
      • Actually, these are likely the repurposed unsold Surface units.

        Since they couldn't be sold with Windows in the first place.

        Compensates a lot for the failure of Windows.
  • $300 is a joke for this. you can get a full windows

    laptop for that price. Chromebooks should be priced in the $79-$99 range for their lack of value.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Re: $300 for a full windows notebook

      Actually if you check craigslist you can get even better deals on Win 8+ notebooks. I bought a 3 month old Toshiba 15.6" Satellite C55-A5249 Laptop PC with Intel Celeron 1037U Processor, 4GB Memory, 500GB Hard Drive and Windows 8 for $110.00.

      The guy selling it could not use Win8 and tried to install win7 but did not know how to bet around secure boot and ended up whipping out the Win8 install all together. He called Toshiba and they offered to re-install win8 if he would ship it to them but he did not want to do that. He listed it for $250.00 but no one would buy the thing because it had no OS, so he dropped the price to $110.00.

      I went to his house, turned off secure boot, booted it to Mint on a usb drive and checked the hardware. It was good and I got the thing really cheap. I installed Ubuntu 13.10 and Mint 15 in dual boot config and sold it for $300.00 to a happy customer.
    • I start hating Windows

      In a year I get 2 virus. I will buy this Chromebook.
  • Acer announces Haswell-powered $300 touchscreen Chromebook

    I'm expecting this to fail like all the other Acer devices. Cheap quality and because its a chromebook its next to useless.
    • They make more money this way...

      Then they did with RT.
    • Oh...

      You forgot the cheap hardware. Almost everyone I know who has a Acer system has had problems. Hardware freezing, memory problems, motherboard replacements, ...
  • Buy this until an Android/Chrome App update gives you gestures without the

    All MS/Office Apps that consumers use can be processed and stored instantly with Google Drive/Quickoffice online or processed offline with Quickoffice for later upload to Drive for synch with all user computers. MS no longer has a monopoly on *.docx, xlsx and pptx formats. I've edited EXCEL formatted files with my laptop WindowsNT/Office and my desktop Windows7/Office. Google Drive works well in any system that has not been sobotaged by MS.
  • Why buy this

    When you could buy 200 pairs of shoelaces or 75 lightbulbs. Chromebooks can't tie your shoes or keep the lights on in your livingroom. How useless.
    • Yeah, isn't it droll

      Anti-ChromeBookers - we KNOW you don't think they are a good value. Why do you keep spamming the forums??

      I'll try one: "Why buy this - when you can just throw the $300 dollars you would have spent into the air and have the fun of watching the bills flutter to the ground. ChromeBooks don't flutter when you throw them in the air. How useless."