After Effects CS6

After Effects CS6

Summary: After Effects CS6 offers a flexible user interface, a new cacheing system, ray tracing, 3D camera tracking, mask feathering, rolling shutter repair, and more.

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  • After Effects CS6
    After Effects CS6 is a post-production video tool that can be used to augment video from a non-linear editor such as Premiere Pro. It can take multiple layers of live action, graphics and animation and merge them together into an apparent reality that never existed.

    After Effects is in two suites: Production Premium (£1,509 ex.VAT; upgrade from £298) and Master Collection (£2,223 ex. VAT; upgrade from £397). On its own, After Effects CS6 costs £834 (ex. VAT; upgrade from £135). After Effects CS6 is also available via a Creative Cloud subscription (£38.11 ex. VAT per month on an annual contract).

    Photo: Adobe 

  • User interface
    The 'Standard' After Effects workspace places the Composition monitor in the middle with the Timeline display below. The Project panel with project assets is on the left and Info, Preview and Effects & Presets are on the right. The same charcoal shades are used for framing as in Premiere Pro and Prelude CS6.

    Screenshots: Terry Relph-Knight/ZDNet UK 

Topics: Apps, Reviews, Software

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