All Kindle Fire HD models ad-supported, but only in the US

All Kindle Fire HD models ad-supported, but only in the US

Summary: Amazon announced the Kindle Fire HD with great fanfare, but forgot to mention all models have ads. The ads are on the lock-screen and home screen all the time, and cannot be turned off. At least for those of us in the US (and UK it turns out).

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Kindle Fire HD ads US
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The new Kindle Fire HD tablets from Amazon have good hardware and software technology inside that belies the low pricing. It turns out that pricing is low due to the inclusion of ads on the Fire HD lock screen and home screen.

These ads will be on all Kindle Fire HD models according to Amazon, without the ability to opt-out. Ads on Kindles are nothing new as Amazon has offered models of the ereader with ads at a lower price for some time.

Kindle buyers have the option to pay a little more for models sans ads or go cheap and put up with the ads. To be fair the Kindle ads have never been obtrusive.

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The ads on the new Kindle Fire HD tablets will be on the lock screen that is displayed every time you turn the device on. These ads will include "sponsored screen savers" according to Amazon. The lock screen disappears as soon as you unlock the display so this may not be an issue with most users.

The other ads will be on the lower left corner of the home screen. Amazon insists they will not interfere with the normal use of the tablet, but that will be up to each user. It cannot be turned off so it's there to stay.

Amazon took this ad-supported route no doubt to keep the prices of the Kindle Fire HD as low as possible so it may be an acceptable trade-off for most. At least that's the case in the US, as the info screen above details.

It turns out the ads will only "be available in the US". Folks outside the US won't get the ads which is a plus to most folks. Unless it causes the Kindle Fire HD to be priced higher than it would be with ads, in which case buyers will paying for lack of the feature.

Update: Amazon has confirmed to CNET UK that Kindle Fire HD tablets in the UK will also enjoy the ads.

Update 2: Amazon is now stating that no-ad options will be available for the Kindle Fire HD for $15.

Topics: Amazon, Tablets

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  • common it'd not such bad thing

    it can even make your lock screen more exciting...
    • Seems they have confirms ads can be turned off

      here you go
  • Ads Make them a No Go

    I'll just stick with my rooted Transformer Infinity. No ads, courtesy of AdFree, buy stuff wherever I want, including Amazon.

    I might consider the 8.9" WiFi model after a root and custom rom is available.
    • I completely agree

      about the 8.9 inch version rooted with a custom rom. At that price it's an amazing deal.
      Sam Wagner
  • I guess that means boosted eBay sales...

    Who wants to pay marketers to serve them ads? How much can this honestly knock off the price, $10-$20?
  • Annoying

    Always on advertising and the lack luster Amazon App store.... Not very good.
    • That may be true

      but from what I've found most of their content is cheaper than Apple's. In my book that makes it worth it.
      Sam Wagner
  • Ouch!

    I was considering the 7" for my daughter (who is 6) for Christmas, since these will include the child-friendly parental controls. This kind of turns me off, though, so I might have to pass.
  • Good and bad.

    Good if it is non-intrusive and lowers cost of unit. Bad if it interferes with usability, or it presents a trashy image. I for one would not use one in a business or professional setting.

    And to be fair, my iPad is already showing signs of this kind of crap: more and more apps are displaying "notifications" that are nothing more than annoying ads.
    terry flores
  • You decide

    This seems like a fair trade, especially if the buyer can choose to forego the subsidy to get rid of the ads.
    Robert Hahn
  • I hate ads...

    will pay more to not have ads, that is if I buy one!!!
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