Amazon acquires Goodreads, aims to meld Kindle with social

Amazon acquires Goodreads, aims to meld Kindle with social

Summary: Amazon's big win with the acquisition of Goodreads is that it can make the Kindle more social and juice Kindle sales.

TOPICS: E-Commerce, Amazon

Amazon on Thursday said it will buy Goodreads, a social site that discusses and recommends books.

Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

In a statement, Amazon positioned Goodreads as an acquisition that it would pair up with its Kindle platform. Amazon added that it will "build many new ways to delight readers and authors alike."

Goodreads CEO Otis Chandler said the Amazon purchase will give it more resources and a larger footprint beyond its 16 million members. Indeed, Goodreads launched in 2007, but hasn't had any significant updates to its site and services of late.



The melding of Goodreads' social approach with the Kindle could be enticing to avid readers. 

Over the past 90 days, Goodreads users have added more than four books per second to their want to read lists. Amazon will obviously try to translate those desires into e-book sales.

Goodreads will remain based in San Francisco.

Topics: E-Commerce, Amazon

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  • Crap...

    Now the obvious question arises: can I get all my reviews off Goodreads? I have little interest in providing free content for Amazon.
    • jeezus

      grow up already; you didn't 'provide free content for Amazon', you provided free content for Goodreads to grow successfully, thereby allowing them to sell off to Amazon.

      you should be proud, you're responsible for this
    • christ

      Exactly. It's free content for the USERS and READERS of GoodReads, and now Amazon.

      It's the aggregate of reviews that in part makes GoodReads useful (and, apparently, valuable). Your individual reviews are probably of little interest to anyone except yourself (I don't say this to be condescending, it's just true. Nobody's interested in my reviews, I'm quite certain).

      You've already given away this valuable intellectual property once...what's the problem?

      And as an FYI, if you're going to be a curmudgeon and need to remove your reviews, it's as simple as it was to add them.
    • I agree

      But, I don't want them to remove Google support! If they block Google I will drop my account.