AMD branching out to solid state drives with Radeon-branded SSDs?

AMD branching out to solid state drives with Radeon-branded SSDs?

Summary: Having already ventured into system RAM with AMD Memory, the company is now rumored to be joining the crowded SSD market.

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Apparently not just satisfied with its Radeon lineup of graphics cards, AMD has already extended the brand into desktop and laptop RAM and is now looking to jump into the highly competitive solid-state-drive market, according to

The site claims that Radeon SSDs will be hitting store shelves soon, though it has no specifics on timing, pricing, or tech specs. It's also unclear how the drives would be manufactuered, though presumably a third-party source would be used since AMD has no current capacity to build the drives.

If true, SSDs would join the Radeon ecosystem of graphics boards, system memory and AMD processors to make it easier for consumers to assemble components that would play nicely together (in theory). Many enthusiasts enjoy mixing and matching parts for their system builds, however, so the benefits of an all-AMD roster of components may not be as clear-cut as the company envisions.

Still, the solid-state storage market will continue to expand, and rebadging another company's drives is probably a low-risk move for AMD. Then again, it's hardly a strategy that will save the chip giant from its current woes, though Intel could be handing it a big gift if it decides to stop selling user-replaceable CPUs

Would you purchase a Radeon-branded SSD? Would the AMD name have any bearing on your buying decision on a solid-state drive? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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Topic: Storage

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  • like HDD, it becomes a comodity market

    I'll buy based on price/performance/size ratio not brand name.
    LlNUX Geek

    AMD and SSD's.
    Like Intel soldered onto a motherboard,... is there a CPU inside a SSD?

    "IF" there is a CPU inside a SSD and Intel CPU soldered onto the MoBo, how can said SSD work in an Intel based system?
    Is there MORE propitiatory systems in our future???
  • I think that is a smart move on AMD's part

    With the advent of the Tablet and Netbook computers there is a larger demand for computers of that size with SSD's in them. I personally don't like those drives due to the small size of them and the very high cost, but many companies have managed to keep the price down, except for Microsoft with it's Surface computer.

    By them having their own drives as well as graphics cards they are on the right path to taking a chunk out of Intel's business. Their CPU's have been a favorite in my region for those building their own or upgrading computers due to their reliability and lower cost. With them having most of the components themselves they can control the cost of their boards and computers built using their components.
  • SSD the way forward

    SSD's are the way forward Although there are cheaper Brands I prefer the Samsung 830 and now the new 840 and 840 Pro ranges OK yes the Pro Range is very expensive but the higher speeds and the 5 Year Warranty are IMHO worth paying for but I look forward to the day when MORE competitors get in to the market hopefully making them cheaper. And if AMD can do to the SSD market what they did to the CPU Market more power to them IMHO I love my AMD 1100T CPU dont intend upgrading (I actually prefer it over the FX range CPU's I sell to Customers) and since I am not far off retiring it will probably out last me.
    The BarnOwl