Americans already thought Nokia was a Microsoft company

Americans already thought Nokia was a Microsoft company

Summary: Older Americans may remember Snake on their free Nokia phone, but few ever used Symbian and can't relate to the passion and emotions being expressed on Twitter today.

Americans already thought Nokia was a Microsoft company
(Image: Nokia)

Many Americans, likely most of them, will wake up today and wonder why there is so much news about Microsoft's Nokia purchase because they remember Nokia as the free phone with Snake on it that they picked up many years ago. They thought Nokia was already gone.

Nokia never made an impact in the US with Symbian and is just now gaining some market share in the US with Lumia Windows Phone devices.

If you check out Twitter today you will see many passionate Nokia fans who are very upset with the news. I was a Nokia fan for years and ran the Nokia Experts site, where I experienced the passion for Nokia first hand. I also gained an understanding that very few in the US cared at all about Nokia's Symbian offerings, which is one major reason I decided to stop writing for that site.

Nokia fans are blaming Mr. Elop and Microsoft for killing off the Nokia they love, but the problems with Nokia started before either of these came into the picture. Apple changed the smartphone world in 2007 and only Google was able to respond quickly enough to match the iOS experience. Nokia had the technology and ability to continue to lead the smartphone world, but focused on imaging while also enabling their Symbian followers.

Nokia is now showing some success with Windows Phone and their Lumia lineup, which I personally really enjoy using. Younger Americans only know Nokia for their Lumia line and many already think Nokia is a Microsoft company with only Windows Phone devices. Asha phones are not sold in the US and have no relevance here.

Nokia is now officially a Microsoft company -- actually, the purchase still has to be approved and get through months of discussions -- and most Americans today will go about their business with their iPhone or Android device wondering why there is such furor on Twitter.

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  • Good Points!

    I'm both a Microsoft AND a Nokia fan. In fact, I consider myself a cheerleader for the both of them. I love my Lumia 1020 (and 920 and 900 before it). I love my Surface Pro. I could go on for a while, lol.

    For Americans who don't understand Nokia, it's a shame, because they can't remember the durability and design that goes into their products. Unless you have a Lumia today, of course.

    But for those outraged by this deal, I can't help but wonder why? Nokia was doomed to follow Palm and RIM before Elop joined the company, and despite all the whiney crying about how they should have gone Android, we now see that Windows Phone has been what saved them AND is quickly bringing them back to profitability (with the next quarter or two) at this point.

    Nokia, meanwhile, is the only real influence driving Windows Phone at this point, so it's a GREAT thing that they're coming in to steer it forward, since even I can't argue that it was moving glacially slow under Microsoft alone.

    How is this bad?
    • I am still puzzled by alligience to any one technology / company.

      I use what works for my be it iOS, Android, Windows Pone, OS X, Windows, Linux, what-have-you.
      • So do I...

        ...just happens that one company satisfies the needs that I have. :)
      • Money is limited

        We have limited budgets you see so we have to pick one
      • I understand allegiance to a company.

        I don't understand hatred of a company.
      • I'm puzzled by Matt's comments that "Only Google" could respond....

        quickly enough to "match the iOS" experience. That is not even close to accurate.
        Android is the windows of smart phones and only selling well due to cheap prices and good enough technology which I will admit was what Windows was to any generation of the Mac OS when compared side by side until NT 6. Now it's quite even but I prefer win 7 for many reasons. Windows 7 is a huge step forward from XP and I scratch my head when I hear there are still people who feel XP is better and don't want to upgrade.
        I wish MSFT would have continued with the win7 desktop as a seperate product and releasing incremental upgrades over time to keep it relevant and continually improving it w/o breaking anything. Windows 8 should be a tablet only OS and I was hoping a minwin/.NET based system could be possible.
        In any case, Google didn't even create Android let alone did it match the iOS experience. Google is still looking to accomplish that feat with its' latest attempt being the moto X, but from preliminary reveiws it's nice but not an iPhone.
        From the standpoint of IT staff that needs to support smartphones, iOS and Windows phones are the least hassle because it's known where the settings are located and how to access them. With every Android variant comes another look and feel and the need to discover the settings that neeed made.
        I know the tech guys in the healthcare organization where I work have to deal with physicians who get a new phone frequently so the android phones make the process of setting them up for them a PITA because no two are the same, while they are happy when it's an iPhone because of the consistency.
        No Matthew, Google was not and still is not capable of matching the iphone experience.
        I believe the lumina Nokia Windows phones are the closest available today and in many ways preferable. Certainly at the tablet level the Win 8 Pro tablets are preferred due to their ability to join the domain. That is big enough to go with these devices as far as IT is concerned.
    • They weren't on the road to profitability

      Nokia was expected to burn though their cash by the end of 2014. Microsoft baled them out, had Nokia gone under so would have Windows phone, as they are the only one using it.

      Funny how the facts can look so different to a fanboi.
    • Elop outsourced

      Nokia's design, and manufacturing, when he went "All in on WP". The Lumia series are designed, and built by Foxconn. The Lumia 900 I tried was junk, which means Nokia died (as far as I'm concerned), the exact moment I returned the Second Lumia 900 (within a week). I chose to not support a company that willingly sells defective products, and instructs the retailers to "Keep switching them out, till you find a "good" one". This is a Microsoft tactic to "pump up numbers". Also, if WP 8 was so good, why does it have to be combined with WP 7.x, and WM 6.x, to get close to 5%
      Troll Hunter J
      • So the Android marketshare is based on one version of Android?

        You learn something new every day here on ZDNet. Thank you TrollHunterJ, I thought the Android smartphone market included various versions of Android.
        Which version is it that all Android phones have and what do they do with all of the other versions? Do they run them at some Android Kiosk somewhere as a demonstration?
        I admire your useful posts, please keep 'em coming.
        I know what you mean about Nokia Luminas being junk, I can't believe all of the Nokia fanboys on here that rave about them, even those that don't like WP8, but do like the phone.
        What are they thinking and where did they get their ignorant opinions, right? I'm with you, if MS is involved, it's a failure all the way!! I don't care that i've not tried it, hell I know I don't want someone to drop a piano on my head so I clearly don't want to try win8. It's like the same thing!
        How is the job hunting coming, btw? I know you got turned down at McDonalds but I heard BK is hiring dude. You should go for it.

        I chose to not support a company
        But you sure do like talking about them! Usually when somebody writes off a product or person or technology, they move on, but here you are, clinging on.
  • Where are your Stats Matt ?


    MS didn't buy Nokia, they bought it's phone business in much the same way Lenovo bought IBM's PC business. Do Chinese people think on that basis IBM is a Lenovo company ?

    They do not get to use the Nokia name.

    Poor journalism.
    Alan Smithie
    • Poor facts?

      "Microsoft has agreed to a 10 year license arrangement with Nokia to use the Nokia brand on current Mobile Phones products. Nokia will continue to own and maintain the Nokia brand. Under the terms of the transaction, [b]Microsoft has agreed to a 10 year license arrangement with Nokia to use the Nokia brand on current and subsequently developed products[/b] based on the Series 30 and Series 40 operating systems. Upon the closing of the transaction, [b]Nokia would be restricted from licensing the Nokia brand for use in connection with mobile device sales for 30 months and from using the Nokia brand on Nokia's own mobile devices until December 31, 2015.[/b]"

      Not only is Microsoft able to use the Nokia name, *NOKIA THEMSELVES* can NOT use it for some period of time.
      • Oops, obviously...

        Emphasis was meant where the bolding should have been.

        btw, this came straight from Nokia's press release:
        • I stand corrected

          They have license the name for mobile device use only for 10 years but they don't own it. However Nokia can use the Nokia name but not for mobile devices until 2015, read your own quote.

          I still stand by my main point which is MS did not buy Nokia which Matt Miller is asserting.

          "Nokia is now officially a Microsoft company"
          Alan Smithie
  • Silly

    One silly American thought wrongly that Nokia was a Microsoft company.
    • greywolf3

      Your comment is why I don't support Nokia.
      • Logic

        I'd ask for an explanation of your logic but I know it would be twisted sister incomprehensible.
        • Since Microsoft was using profits

          From their Monopoly products (Windows, and Office) to prop Nokia up, It makes perfect sense. When a Microsoft employee is installed as the CEO, then goes "all in, on WP", it makes sense. When said Microsoft employee drives the stock, and company value into the toilet, in order to make the MS acquisition look like a "good option", it makes sense. Many though the $2 billion was a down payment, and it was inevitable.
          Troll Hunter J
          • Monopoly products?

            Funny, well not with you really, you are of typical ABM intelligence, to call those products "monopoly" in 2013 when they are clearly not even close.
            We heard about how the Windows monopoly (with an Apple marketshare existing the whole time) was "stifling" innovation when in fact it caused the web to grow at a rate it could not have otherwise with it's billion+ clients actually being "the Client" side of the web.
            Now with android sucking up a monopoly share of the smartphone market, we don't hear how it's horrible and stifling to the competition.
            It's worse, Android is horrible, much worse than Windows every was for the desktop, and it's creating the biggest glut of mediocre phones possible.
            Glad that Nokia and Microsoft are making sure that is not all people are stuck with and so they don't have to keep paying the $croogle tax.
  • Perseverance + Persistence + Tenacity = Microsoft

    Although highly mocked and ridiculed MS has proven to pursue its goals with mind boggling obstinacy.
    Maybe it will pay off. While WP will never ever even come close to iOS or Android sales figures even a market share of 15% to 20% rakes in oodles of money. If have good faith in MS that they will establish their mobile OS on a sound 3rd place. Not that bad considering the sheer numbers.
    • Windows Phone will never ever.....

      You will learn to "Never say never"! Never is a very long time. I can remember when there wasn't a Microsoft or Apple. Apple will continue to loose market shares of their phones and computers. When Microsoft releases a phablet, iPads will be next to decrease............