Amy's Baking Company crashes and burns on Facebook after Kitchen Nightmares show

Amy's Baking Company crashes and burns on Facebook after Kitchen Nightmares show

Summary: If there are lessons to be learned about not responding to trolling comments on Facebook, Amy’s Baking Company ignored them — and crashed and burned big time.


Amy's Baking Company Bakery Boutique and Bistro leapt to defend its brand. And it failed spectacularly.

Chef Gordon Ramsay was asked in to help Sam and Amy Bouzaglos save their failing business, and the advice was filmed for his show Kitchen Nightmares, airing last Friday.

Unusually for Ramsay, he quit the show, saying that he could not help the two owners because they were "incapable of listening".

The couple took to Facebook to respond to criticism and comments that appeared on the company's Facebook Page. Unfortunately, their comments elicited more negative feedback and derision, comments on Reddit, and negative reviews on Yelp.

The original comments and responses to criticism have now been removed from the Facebook page.

However, the Buzzfeed post gives you a good idea of the tone and manner of the original posts. Many comments are trolling messages that should not have been responded to on a public forum such as Facebook or Reddit.

What made things worse for the Bouzaglos was their response to the criticism levelled against them. The company Facebook page was filled with equally critical and abusive language directed at the commentators.

Amy and Sam took to Facebook yesterday to declare that their Facebook, Yelp, Twitter account, and website had been hacked.

Credit: Amy's Baking Company/Facebook

In an attempt to disassociate itself from the abuse, the restaurant opened another "clean" Facebook page and posted this update. (Update follows)

Credit: Amy's Baking Company/Facebook

There are updates and activity over on the new Facebook page from the owners. Unfortunately, some of the latest posts seem to be crafted to further encourage the trolls.

WE ARE NOT CRAZY! YOU ARE ALL THE CRAZY ONES! We are beautiful, sane people who have all of our dreams right here accomplished in this business. NOT YOU NOT GORDON RAMSAY NOT ANYONE CAN CALL ME CRAZY! You are all little internet punks who don't know what good food is!! YOU DONT NOW (sic) HOW TO EAT!”

Interestingly enough, the language used on the new "clean" Facebook page uses exactly the same language, grammar, and use of upper-case letters as the "hacked" comments on the original page, which have now been removed.

Social media users can sniff out a lie as soon as it is posted. In a forum as public as this, silence might be the best option at the moment until the dust settles in Scottsdale, Arizona.

All of this negative feedback, action, and reaction has done one positive thing for the brand's original Facebook page. Its Facebook Likes have zoomed up from 2,800 to over 51,500.

Perhaps there truly is no such thing as bad publicity.

Update: The new Facebook page has been removed and updates on the original page point to a grand reopening and response to criticism leveled at it.

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  • LOL, I'm sure of it...

    > Boutique bakery run by insane owners
    > "Working with FBI computer crimes unit"

    Nemo Who
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  • LOL, I'm sure of it...

    > Boutique bakery run by insane owners
    > "Working with FBI computer crimes unit"

    Nemo Who
  • "A" not "E"

    Ramsay... with an "A" not an "E"
    Gordon Ramsay
    Christopher Boyce
  • Saw that episode and...

    ... the woman is insane. Blaming all their problems on bloggers badmouthing them. She is totally unstable. And the husband isn't much better threatening customers for complaining about their crappy food. Gordon had never quit before, so it says a lot about these loons! Ramsey did a public service by ratting out these people. Sad to see a business go under, but this one apparently deserved to.
    Thomas Kolakowski
    • Amy's Baking Co.

      Those owners wouldn't have gotten a cent off of me if my pizza had taken so long. It would be "forget it." When that guy pushed the customer, the customer should have socked him; I bet he'd never do that again. I don't know that Amy is "crazy or insane", but she is delusional. I suspect she has really LOW self-esteem. The girl she fired should file a case for a hostile work environment. Why do they stay????
      Barbara Moos
    • yes

      i've seen every episode of this show and this was definately a first. you would think that would have known what they were getting themselves into. have they not seen the show before?!
      Keithy Huntington
      • "would have known what they were getting themselves into"

        They have no concept of reality. They really believe they are a first class eatery and that their behavior is OK. They are obviously delusional. "Crazy" is not a word I throw around but this woman deserves that epithet after her behavior both on the show, and before that on Yelp and after it on Facebook and Twitter.
      • Hilarious...

        Are those people for real? I thought they were just exaggerating for the camera, but it seems like they are legitimately cray cray...
      • I assume

        that they still had to pay Ramsay's expenses.
    • Should have been a good match then!

      An idiot, rude host working with loony business owners!
      Sounds like the bakery business is gone, which sounds like a tick. Now, Hmmmm, how to get rid of the rubbish Ramsay Ramhead!
      • Re: Should have been a good match then

        Not sure that Ramsay - who has more of a following, I'm certain, than you, and who has distinguished himself in numerous venues, is an diot or a rude host. Of course, that is your opinion - so, given that, I would suggest you don't watch the program...
    • You SUCK

      Amy your an idiot. I hope your company burns. Everything you say is so retarded. I've never heard of anyone thinking the way you do. Your in your own little world and serve shit food and if the best chef is the world says you suk, face it, you suck.
      Mike Hailson
      • Crazy loves crazy

        She does in fact suck....I cannot think of any other reason someone would marry her. But, then again, he's just as crazy!
        Their former employees should sue them for stealing their tips and a hostile working environment.
  • The New Facebook..

    Is not real. Funny, but not them.
  • Having been an independent app developer for 4.5 years....

    I learned early on not to respond to negative posts. It only creates the situation this couple created for themselves. Not to mention, if one is that confident in their product and the charges are baseless, your users/customers will come to your defense.

    The smart thing to do would have been to make one simple post saying: "Thank you for your input. We will diligently attempt to put your suggestions into practice."

    This way they sound professional, addressed the negative comments and my even get some others to post positive comments for them.
    • Fight the fire with water!!

      I completely agree with you on this, you should never respond this way to negative feedback or comments about your business on a social platform or anywhere for that manner. We all know the old saying "you can't fight fire with fire" this will only fuel the negativity surrounding your business online and lower your reputation. Always respond professionally and try to offer a solution before the conversation turns into wildfire.
      Aaron Feliciano
    • I guess that was the point of the show...

      These two obviously don't do anything "the smart way." Having customers is a privilege you earn, not a right that somebody else can take away by putting you on a TV show. It's obvious why their business failed and it has nothing to do with Gordon Ramsay. It was failing already or they wouldn't have gone on the show. They shouldn't be dealing with the public and deserve their fate.
      • Re: I guess that was the point of the show...

        And just think, at the begining of the show when Ramsay first showed up and tried the dessert, he said it was very good.

        So if they were smart, they would just have a bakery with dessert only food, and let the staff run the register and deal with the public....

        Meanwhile in a real universe......

    • Well said, except one small detail

      "We will dillegenty attempt to put your suggestions into practice" would be a bold faced lie and everyone would know it. They diligently attempted to ignore everything Ramsay said or suggested, they diligently attempted to serve horrible food or store bought pastries (creating the term reTart in the process), and they diligently attempted to throw out anyone who dared question the most minor detail, like "when will my pizza be ready? or "My salmon tastes like freze dried ambergris" or "is this the right table?" Standard response: scream expletives at them, toss them out to never return, and call the police because they have haters in her store.
      The only suggestion Amy needs is to take her meds.
      Sarah Smile