An iPad Mini and a new iPad. Nice try Apple. See you in two years or more.

An iPad Mini and a new iPad. Nice try Apple. See you in two years or more.

Summary: On the brink of the big launch of Windows 8, Apple tries to take the wind out of Microsoft's sails (sales?) with the iPad mini and yet another iPad. Fail.


I'm a pretty creative guy but even I couldn't make up the stuff that's happening in iGadgetland today. We all new about the iPad mini. That's kind of old news. But, the fact that Apple also launched another full-sized iPad generation is just laughable at best. Hey, Tim (Cook), how long before you obsolete the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 now that you have a mini and an iPad 4? And, Tim, while I have your attention, what the hell are you doing releasing yet another full-sized iPad two-and-a-half years after the original iPad? Are you kidding me? Unfortunately, I don't think you are kidding.

It's unfortunate for consumers because now no one knows where to "buy in." Unfortunate for those of us who were stupid enough to buy into the original iPad. Unfortunate for those who purchased an iPad 3 a few months ago as the "latest" thing. All I have to say to you is, "Wow."

As a company, you have to have a very large pair of brass iStones for that move.

Just, "Wow."

I hope that fellow Apple fans and consumers are now feeling that you've diluted the market to the point of ridiculous now.

I'll give you the one-button mouse version of why I have a problem with what you've done.

April 3, 2010: iPad 1

March 11, 2011: iPad 2

March 16, 2012: iPad 3

October 23, 2012: iPad mini and iPad 4

I think even the most devoted, mouth-foaming Mactard gets the picture--the enhanced retina, improved camera, faster processor, still very expensive picture, that is. Two iPad releases in the same year. How stupid do you think people are? OK, maybe you got me there. Still, you shouldn't be so blatant about it.

Here's what everyone should do: Wait another six months for the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2. Or, wait until a year from now, when everything prior to today's newest, greatest stuff is obsolete and buy that. No, wait, wait until March/April 2014 when Apple announces the new, improved iPad mini 3 and the iPad 6. Still, you could wait until late October 2014, when Apple announces the iGotYourMoneySoTakeThatMactards super 3D, voice activated, you'll need gloves just to hold it iPad 7 and the super mini iYouDon'tNeedThisWorthlessThing iPad 4.

Do you really expect us to keep buying this stuff? I think we should all wait. Wait and see. Or, go buy something else.

I was once a fan--a converted fan. Never a super Mactard but a fan. Now, I'm just very disapointed.

I'm irritated to say the least. Not just at the announcement but the whole thing. I think that if people didn't feel totally taken by Apple before, they will now.

I'm also very bummed because I was really liking Apple stuff. I wanted a Macbook Air or a Macbook Pro too. I still kind of do but certainly the shine is off the apple for me now (Yes, I know I wrote, "apple" there, it's part of the thematic punch I'm going for--stop judging me).

I'm going to wait two years until I see what kind of moves Apple is going to make before I make anymore purchases of their hardware. Too bad, too. I was really hoping to dig into some cool multimedia action with a new Macbook Air. Sorry, Apple, my money stays with me now. I doubt you'll notice. But, if everyone waited, you'd get the picture.

What do you think of Apple's little announcements today? Are you shocked or do you think this is the new Apple? Talk back and let me know.

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Kenneth 'Ken' Hess is a full-time Windows and Linux system administrator with 20 years of experience with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems in large multi-data center environments.

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  • Apple will be the only device

    to sell like gangbusters into the pivotal Christmas season. Better get yours now, or suffer "Teddy Ruxpin" syndrome when your kid is disappointed by the also-ran Windows8!
    Tony Burzio
    • fo sho

      Poor Apple. That iPhone 5 sure didn't sell very well. Oh wait, it did. The iPad mini do well too. The overview of how it handled browsing versus other tablet was pretty convincing. Does anyone from the Androin camp feel that was rigged?
  • I am also in the same boat

    I was thinking of getting iPad 3 retiring iPad 2, but now I am not. I am going to wait until iPad 2 gets retired officially and pickup whateveriPadGen they have at that time. I know Steve Jobs wouldn't have done that. He knows his buyers and their wallets. We need a real Steve Jobs back, but thats not possible.
    Ram U
    • Right on!

      It's just crazy.
  • Really?

    Wow! Seriously before everyone complained Apple not updating their devices faster enough now they decided to change the cycle. Here is tech blogger whined about it. Really classic.
  • Pushers like addicts

    To date Apple customers have acted like addicts and Apple knows that. I would be surprised if apples customers kick the habit. BTW 24 hours ago the talk was that the mini would sell huge and blow away everyone else, that is not the buzz I am reading.
  • Spelling error

    Disapointed? There is a spelling error.
    Javid Beykzadeh
    • Knew

      not new.
      Sam Wagner
  • Really?

    Really? You are upset because they bumped up the processor and switched the connector? Really? Since Apple had shifted to the different connector with the iPhone, and was expected to with the iPad Mini, wouldn't people have been upset if they had not with the iPad?

    Nothing that happened today makes your prior iPad purchase any less useful.

    There are plenty of things Apple does to get pissed about (me I'm not leaving Snow Leopard on my MacBook b/c Lion offers less of what I need and more of what I don't, and I'm pissed that I had to replace the battery on my MacBook because it swelled and was making the track pad inoperable) but today's product announcements don't seem like anything to get worked up about.
    Wm. Brown
  • Interesting Rant...

    I didnt' like the Ipad or the Ipad 2, and during the keynote I saw how the new Ipad would work perfectly for me. In April, I was also aware that there would be another Ipad towards the end of this year based on the naming convention. I am using my new Ipad and will continue to use it for the next several years... as-is. I don't care about what comes next or what Apple does. The apps that I have purchased and are using are working as advertised and frankly, from the time that I bought the new Ipad until now, I have gotten a lot of use out of it and still use it every day. I bought an android 7" tablet back in January that I benefited greatly until I got the New Ipad and I felt the $249 for the android tablet was money well spent. Both have been a life changer for me, and have enhance my life. Will I go with another Ipad in the future? Who knows, and it doesn't matter. Like I said, I paid a lot of money for the New Ipad and I honor (not worship) any new technology that Apple or anyone brings to the world. Enjoy what you have and be filled with gratitude. You'll enjoy your life better. Our lives are not meant to be lived in a computer or on a screen... it is the opposite. Technology is to allow us to expore the world and to get out and about and experience life. Computers are for sharing, communicating, and keeping up with that which is mundane.
    Toby Rutter
  • Link bait at best

    I am saddened I bother to come to this page to read this "article" - what a joke. No substance to the post, just pure link bait for their ads. Sad.
    • Good retort from a respectable tech blog

      "Unless Apple came into your house and smashed your iPad 3, they didn’t “screw you”. They released a better product you don’t have to buy."
  • Irritated by iPad4

    I agree with you, Ken. I bought the iPad3 the day it came out. I was lucky to be able to sell my iPad2 to a neighbor. Now, 6 months later - another upgrade? And you know, I would actually consider MAYBE trying out the iPad Mini - but it doesn't even have the coveted Retina Display. That might have enticed me. Nope, all Apple did with this announcement today was get me off the "I will buy the latest" train. Up until now, I bought the iPhone 4 and 5, and the iPad 2 and 3 the day they went on sale. Now, I will start waiting for products. This was, in my opinion, a bad move by Apple. But who asked me. I'm guessing Apple will still sell a zillion of these things - will be interesting to see how well the iPad4 does.

    - Todd
    • "Now, I will start waiting for products."

      Uh, you HAVE BEEN! "I bought the iPhone 4 and 5, and the iPad 2 and 3 the day they went on sale." It was more than 2 years between the iPhone 4 and 5, and it was a year between the iPads. Yeah, you got a little screwed by this update, but I think this was a one-off release. Getting the A6 in the iPad was clearly a priority for Apple, and totally understandable. Apple made a calculated decision to shaft retina iPad early-adopters to give a huge motivation for Holiday buyers. Cold-hearted, yeah-but totally understandable.
  • My hope is

    that Microsoft will do something similar - yearly updates at least.

    As much as I dislike Apple - the announcement doesn't affect me personally at all - it is good to make continual improvements to your product. I guess Apple owners will be the one that makes the final judgement about this.
  • Yet another iPad?

    Is it iPad 4 or "New New iPad"?

    Apple's new theme song...
    "Pour me another one. Just like the other one..."
  • Stop Complaining

    Stop complaining that Apple is coming out with better products. If you don't want them, then don't buy them. We don't want to hear your illogical analysis of how a great company has made a bad move to update their products for the whole world to enjoy. Everyone else that loved Apple before and wants some new great products will buy them. This really was a waste of my time to read...
  • What's the problem?

    I don't get what the problem is with a mid-cycle refresh. Apple decides to update it's entire line with the new Lightning connector, affording those of us with cord OCD the chance to normalize our charging stations. In the process, we get a refresh of the devices, and as a bonus, new iPad refresh no one saw coming. It doesn't make anyone else's iPad less capable of running the apps it did yesterday. iOS 6 runs beautifully on an iPad 3rd gen. iPad 4th gen runs the same software. But if you're really an early adopter, and just have to get the new one, sell your old one, take a $50 or $100 hit and grab a new one...My only gripe is the price of the new iPad mini. $249 was the way to go...$329 just looks greedy for an A5 chip and an XGA screen. EVEN $299...but wow, that $30 (or $80) just makes them look really greedy (and even greedier).
  • But, but....

    the headphone jack is on the bottom now!....
    • BOOM!

      ... mind... blown!