Android 4.2 Jelly Bean rolls out to Nexus handsets

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean rolls out to Nexus handsets

Summary: While the first handset to run Android Jelly Bean 4.2 natively went on sale only today, some Nexus smartphone owners are already receiving notifications for the mobile OS update.


The latest version of the Android operating system, known as Jelly Bean (4.2), has started rolling out to some Google Nexus handsets.

Some Twitter and Google+ users started reporting that the new version of the OS is being pushed out as an over-the-air download in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

"Just checked my Galaxy Nexus and it's downloading 4.2...Aww yea," 'Jason Paul' posted on Twitter.

Shortly after, the download appeared on the popular developer and modding site XDA Developers. The download is the 'Takju' version of the OS, meaning that it is the GSM build for Nexus handsets bought directly from Google.

The timing of the update is surprising, given that the only devices to arrive running Android 4.2 as standard (the Nexus 4 handset and Nexus 10 tablet) just went on sale, on Tuesday. Network-locked versions of smartphones often take longer to receive operating system updates, as the build needs to be tweaked for each operator and then run through a testing process.

Jelly Bean Android 4.2 brings a revamp of the Siri-like Google Now voice control functionality, a new Gesture Typing feature similar to Swype and a 360-degree photo-capture mode called Photo Sphere.

People can check to see if the update is ready to download over the air by checking for updates in the system settings on their handset.

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  • Went on sale?

    They don't appear to be for sale to me. It looks like they should be on sale. But aren't.
  • 4.1.2 not 4.2

    The OS version updated to Nexus handsets last night was 4.1.2 not 4.2 as reported in this story. The panoramic feature is cool!
    • You sure?

      The full street-view-style Panorama is a 4.2 thing, although people with rooted devices running a custom version can download the latest GAPPS. The older side-to-side-only panorama was available in 4.0
      • Nexus 7 JellyBean 4.2 = Awesome!!

        It is just amazing. Try the swype like functionality and its smoothness, nothing comes close. Not even an iPad of any type.
    • can't be 4.1.2

      I got 4.1.2 a while ago, I'm fairly sure 4.2 is what would be rolling out now (though not to me, yet).
    • 4.2

      No. I've had 4.1.2 since shortly after I got the phone (some long time ago). The rollout now is 4.2 for sure.
      Wayne FitzSimons
  • photosphere

    I am running a CM JB mod 4.1.2 but don't see anything like Photo Sphere. Is it part of the OS or an app?
    • Think Again

      4.1.2 is the OLD version. 4.2 is the NEW version. If you are seeing 4.1.2 then you have not received the update yet.
  • Nexus 4 joke!

    Looks like "the phone" for purists provided by heavyweight Google is this years biggest joke. I pre-registered but so far have no email from Google saying I can buy. Site was up 5 minutes! Wow! Staying with my Apple IPhone. Ridiculous execution by Google.
    Unsmartphone buyer
    • enjoy your iPhone

      And no, I don't mean that sarcastically.
  • Just got 4.2 minutes ago Nexus 7

    Don't have the settings menu on the pull down anymore.
    Dick Meyers
    • Re: Don't have the settings menu on the pull down anymore.

      Pull down from the right for settings, from the left for notifications.
  • problems with upgrade

    Just got it a few minutes ago, it is definitely version 4.2, now my voice dialing is not working right. Everytime I ask to dial a number and speak it, it instead wants to pull a random contact out of my address book and dial it. I've shut down the phone twice since then and it is still doing it. Anyone else having this problem?