Android closing Apple's iOS developer revenue gap

Android closing Apple's iOS developer revenue gap

Summary: Apple's iOS and Android remain developer favorites, but HTML5 is on par in terms of mindshare. Windows Phone is yielding to Windows 8 among developers, according to VisionMobile's Developer Economics survey.


Google's Android platform is closing the developer monetization gap with Apple's iOS based on average monthly revenue.

The findings were detailed in VisionMobile's Developer Economics survey, which aims to track the mobile app economy. The survey, released Wednesday, queried 6,000 mobile developers. VisionMobile is a London-based research outfit.

Monetization data is a critical part of the mobile platform race. Today, developers prioritize iOS over Android despite the latter's market share. Money is a big part of that equation. It's also unclear in the Developer Economics study how much Amazon boosted the Android revenue figures with its e-commerce skin.




Aside from the revenue data, the global survey also noted that HTML5 is becoming a developer favorite. Fifty two percent of developers are using HTML5, up from 50 percent in the first quarter. That figure is behind iOS at 56 percent and Android at 71 percent. HTML5 is seen as the primary way to bridge platforms and developers are using the language to target mobile browsers. In addition, Windows Phone is stagnant among developers, but Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 are garnering interest.



VisionMobile noted:

The largest share (38%) of HTML5 developers develop mobile websites with another 23% developing mobile apps, i.e. incorporating offline functionality and deeper browser integration. Hybrid apps, such as those produced by PhoneGap, account for 27% of HTML5 mobile developers. A minority of 7% of HTML5 mobile developers use platforms exposing native APIs via JavaScript, such as Firefox OS and BlackBerry 10. Last but not least, 5% of HTML5 mobile developers use a JavaScript-to-native converter tool like Appcelerator.



Intent is also a key item. Developers are showing interest in emerging platforms---even Firefox OS, which is just getting rolling. Windows Phone interest has dropped to be replaced by Windows 8, according to VisionMobile. Overall, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 appear to be garnering developer time and money.

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  • So

    As platforms grow, the money increases..............

    It's the day for new revelations!
  • missing data

    I'm a little fuzzy on these statistics.
    If you have 100 developers making $5200 from iOS, but you have 1000 developers making $4700 from Android, then this chart leads you to a false conclusion, thinking iOS is da bomb.
    Conversely, if you have 1000 iOS developers making $5200 vs. 100 Android developers making $4700, then iOS is much more dominant than the charts reveal.

    To really understand this chart you really need to know the total number of developers and the total profit in each mobile app store.
    • That's the beauty of statistics

      You can massage the data to help prove your point. You pick the sample size, the developers in the sample, and other important data like the types of programs these developers make.
  • Revene Model Choices

    This chart was not normalized to 100%, therefore the data is meaningless...
  • Huh?

    I agree with the other here. This data is nearly impossible to draw conclusions from.
  • If Windows 8 Is Beating Out Windows Phone ...

    ... that shows how badly Windows Phone is doing.
    • Congratulations

      So Windows 8 is number one and Windows Phone is Number two on that last chart. From that you come to the conclusion that Windows Phone is doing bad... ? ...? ... :-)

      So how bad is Android and iOS doing then as these two have even lower values than windows Phone?

      Better get back to trolling school, Think you just lost the trolling gold star achievement on that comment ;-)
  • Look at the BlackBerry stats

    Think about how many devices there are in the world running iOS, and think about how many devices in the world there are running BB10. There are probably 50-60 times more iOS devices at the very least (My own estimation) that have been sold for every one BB10 device. This is merely because BB10 is much, much newer than iOS, and not necessarily a mark of its popularity. Now look at the developer revenue numbers, iOS developers make on average 4.333 times more per app than BB10 developers do. But it's not what it seems. Think, if there's one BB10 device for (for the purposes of this post, lets say) 50 iOS devices sold, than BB10 users are more than 11.54 times more likely to pay for that app than iOS users are. SO obviously, BB10 is an excelent investment for app developers. And considering all the languages you can code in for BlackBerry 10, and all the tools that BlackBerry has made available, that seems like a no-brainer for developers to me!