Android named in updated Interval patent suit

Android named in updated Interval patent suit

Summary: Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen has amended his patent infringement suit against Apple, Google, Facebook and other tech giants, after an earlier filing was dismissed by a U.S. judge for being vague.


Interval Licensing refiled a lawsuit on Wednesday against 11 technology manufacturers and retailers--including Google and Apple--alleging that each infringed on patents owned by the company.

Interval Licensing, which owns the patents granted to the now-closed Interval Research (co-founded by Paul Allen, a founder of Microsoft) claims that Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Youtube, eBay, Netflix, OfficeMax, Office Depot, and Staples are infringing on four key patents.

Interval Licensing originally filed a suit against the 11 companies in August 2010, alleging that they were infringing on Web technologies developed and patented by Interval Research in the 1990s.

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