Android surpasses iOS in yet another global tablet market share report

Android surpasses iOS in yet another global tablet market share report

Summary: Where is that new iPad Mini? Google and friends are giving Apple a serious run for its money.


Similar to the way it has taken over the global smartphone scene, report after report is demonstrating that Android is doing the same thing for tablets now.

Canalys has just published a new report declaring that Android has overtaken iOS in the global tablet market.

During the second quarter, the report found that Android accounted for 53 percent of the market share -- notably thanks to devices with 9-inch or smaller screens.

Furthermore, Samsung, Amazon, Lenovo and Acer all saw shipment gains by 200 percent each on a year-over-year basis.

By comparison, iOS tablet shipments dropped by 14 percent, with Apple's market share falling to just 43 percent.

And without a new iPad or iPad mini anywhere on the horizon (despite rumors abound about what next generations will look like), the days of iPad dominance are all but over -- at least for the near future.

Canalys analyst James Wang remarked in the report, "When Apple does decide to refresh its iPad range it will not experience the buzz of previous launches."

While acknowledging that the Android ecosystem and platform still have some issues to be worked out, Canalys senior analyst Tim Shepherd also projected in the report that we will "see a substantial increase in the quantity, as well as the quality, of apps built or optimized for Android tablets over the next 12 months, as Google brings more attention to them through improvements to the Play store, and as the addressable base of devices continues to soar."

The tablet market overall did well with more than 34 million tablets shipped during the quarter, up 43 percent on an annual basis. Tablets also accounted for roughly a third (31 percent) of worldwide tablet shipments.

Canalys isn't the only market intelligence business affirming that Android is taking over the tablet market.

According to the Strategy Analytics second quarter report published on Monday, Android accounted for 67 percent of worldwide tablet shipments in Q2.

Both iOS and Windows declined to 28 percent and 4.5 percent of the global market share, respectively.

Chart via Canalys

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  • Pretty surprised at Apple's passivity

    If it weren't for lawsuits, IOS 7, and rumors, Apple would not be in the news at all this year. Either they are completely confused as to what direction to take or they have a brilliant master plan that will blow everyone's minds away. Tim Cook arrogantly proclaims that this fall Apple will blow our minds, but I just don't know what it could be.
    • Re: but I just don't know what it could be

      Their plan would not be great, if you knew.
    • If they had steve jobs I'd

      be more likely to suspect they could come up with some new 'breakthrough' product line. I suspect just an Iphone 5s, and ipad refresh, iOS7 which we know about and a few minor enhancements here and there. Proabably nothing mind blowing, but we'll see.
    • Re: Pretty surprised at Apple's passivity

      Deer-caught-in-headlights syndrome?

      Not the first time Linux has done that to a competitor.
      • Re: Not the first time Linux has done that to a competitor....

        Yet another vague attempt at bigging up Linux upon the success of Android.

        Yes there is the Kernel argument but as I have pointed out before Android is as far removed from Linux as OS X is as far removed from UNIX.

        Not being a great fan of statistics I do recognize Android is doing well. I am messing around with an Android Tablet currently and yes its impressive but it still leaves me reaching for iPad Mini.

        iOS 7 is just around the corner then we will see how well Android sales stand up. Not too well I suspect.
        • Re: Not being a great fan of statistics I do recognize Android is doing wel

          What a strange way of putting it. It's like saying you're not a great fan of empirical reality.
        • We do not know much, do we?

          Android was merged back when Google devs met the criteria.
        • "Not too well I suspect"

          LoL Android is going to run iOS slam over in the tablet market just like it is doing in the smartphone market. It's just too easy for Android when Apple makes iOS so boring and tightly controlled.
        • gnu not linux

          No, android is as far removed from GNU as osx is from Unix ;-)
          There's just as much Linux in android as there is in ubuntu or in red hat..
          Bern Parent
  • But Apple users are early adopters probably on their 3rd iPad

    Chances are most of the Android users are NEW owners who previously didn't own ANY tablet. With Apple users tending to be early adopters, they have less incentive to buy the latest version.

    What percentage of the total tablet "universe" does iOS have versus Android? Although that doesn't measure current sales, it would give a more realistic perspective on how the two OS's are progressing.

    (And, no, I'm not an Apple fanboi. About a year ago I bought a refurb Android tablet that I primarily use for reading. I have looked at Apple adds over the years and I just can't justify paying those prices for the things I use a tablet for.)
    • Re: But Apple users are early adopters probably on their 3rd iPad

      Why do you think newer Apple devices have not been so appealing to those seeking to buy their first mobile device?
      • Re: But Apple users are early adopters probably on their 3rd iPad

        You seem to ignore what you comment to. Most people who wanted tablet already, got an iPad. Even toddbottom3 :)
        Most people who waited until now, either did not buy an iPad because they do not have the money (I know a lot of those!) or they were waiting for Microsoft to bring something to market, or for some reason think (*) they hate Apple. Those who believe tablets should be cheaper, would never buy an iPad, because there are cheaper tablets on the market. Only after few unhappy cheap purchases, will they go and buy an iPad. This has nothing to do with Android, or Samsung, or whatever. Or even Apple. Just how the market works.

        (*) Most who declare they hate Apple do it because it seems fashionable. Experiments show, that people like these, when given the opportunity turn into devoted Apple fans. Sad...
        (**) The British have a saying "I am not rich enough to buy cheap".
        • Re: Most people who wanted tablet already, got an iPad

          If that were true, Android tablet sales would not still be growing at a massive rate.

          It is only Ipad sales that have fallen off.
          • Apple changed it's cycle up...

            Seems to be lost on everyone, always is.

            Last Q2 (2012)? - The first Retina iPad was a week old when Q2 started. This Q2? The current iPad is 5 months old.

            Does that explain it? Not necessarily, but it is a key fact. Apple products spike at release, then taper off.

            Will Android continue to have a higher share? yes it will. It will always have many more options than Apple will ever release.

            Not sure why either camp cares. Get what you like, let others get what they like.

            And all those who criticize Apple, we wouldn't have the smartphone and tablets we have now without them...
    • I know it's only conjecture

      but I disagree with your suggestion that most apple users are early adopters. Maybe a while back but now, in my experience, it's the late entrants to tablet ownership that are holding up the apple sales.

      There's also a big price factor you miss. Those people buying the cheaper android tablets, they can refresh to the latest N7 for a little over the price that people paid for the ipad mini.
      Little Old Man
  • The other 69%?

    "Tablets also accounted for roughly a third (31 percent) of worldwide tablet shipments."

    What was the remaining 69%? Etch-a-Sketch?

    Seems to me that tablets should account for 100% of tablet shipments.
  • Isn't this the second time this had to be pointed out?

    "Both iOS and Windows declined to 28 percent and 4.5 percent of the global market share, respectively."

    No. ios tablet marketshare is free falling, down nearly 50%.

    Windows tablet marketshare is up 800%.

    HUGE kudos to Microsoft. Wow, up 800%, that's stunning and fantastic.

    Big kudos to Google.

    I'm laughing at the loser apple. Horrific, horrific numbers. Down nearly 50%. Ouch.

    Microsoft: up 800%. Wow.
    • Windows numbers are still infinitesimal

      Surface RT & Pro tablets are a COMPLETE & UTTER failure. Microsoft just wrote off nearly a billion dollars in unsold tablets. And Google is considering dropping Android, all it does is make wealth for Samsung but not them. Apple sells more tablets than anyone else and new versions are about to come out, the iPad Mini in particular with Retina Display will fly off shelves. Apple has 83% of all mobile device web share. Stop just reading the numbers that suit you making you look foolish and try to see the whole picture.
      • I'm just laughing so hard here right now

        Too funny because every time osx went from 2.1% to 2.15%, the apple fanboys were screaming about how huge a percentage increase that was and saying that Windows clearly sucked because it just went from 98.1% to 98.0%.

        Too funny. I'm laughing so hard right now.
        • I don't know much about fanboys

          But I believe you probably don't fully understand the fact that Apple business is different from Microsoft.
          I'm sure Apple would love to have 20% market share or more, instead of 2%. The advantage for them is that they sell hardware at premium prices, generating more profit from Macs than the other 4 or 5 top PC makers together - even when they are all profitable.
          Going from 2.1 to 2.15 is probably irrelevant, but per ex going from 2.1 to 2.8 would be huge in a growing market (that we know it's not growing now).
          Treating everything like if it was the same thing without a perspective and a context is a common mistake - success or failure is not always measured in the same scale.