Anonymous takes on Israeli websites, wipes Jerusalem bank

Anonymous takes on Israeli websites, wipes Jerusalem bank

Summary: Hacking collective Anonymous has gone on a hacking spree in protest over attacks on Gaza.

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anonymous israel hacking spree bank gaza government defaced website database deleted

Anonymous has launched a hacking campaign against a number of Israeli sites in protest of attacks taking place on Gaza.

anonymous operating hack israel gaza Jerusalem bank taken down database wipe

The hacking spree, dubbed OpIsrael, has resulted in so many Israeli websites being defaced or shut down through methods including denial of service (DoS) attacks, that it's hard to keep count. However, some enterprising hacktivists have begun compiling lists of affected websites. Targets have included governmental, retail, and businesses -- some belonging to the automotive and fashion industries. 

The bank of Jerusalem, one of Israel's largest financial institutions, has received particular attention from the hacktivists -- as the cyberattackers crowed over their achievement in deleting the organisation's online database through social network Twitter. Trying to access the bank's website resulted in nothing more than a database error.

Update 22.56 GMT: The Jerusalem bank's database has been restored -- at least for now.

Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website also appears to have been attacked and its database either deleted or tampered with.

According to the latest list, 663 sites have been affected. 

In an earlier blog post, the collective claimed that 127 Israeli sites were defaced in one of the first waves -- and the number keeps rising.

Some of the file dumps contain the full names, email addresses and passwords (123456 a frequent occupier of that row, no surprise there) of website users, stolen from breached databases.

A press release from Anonymous says that when the government of Israel publicly threatened to sever all Internet and other telecommunications into and out of Gaza, "they crossed a line in the sand." The statement continues:

"As the former dictator of Egypt Mubarack [sic] learned the hard way -- we are ANONYMOUS and NO ONE shuts down the Internet on our watch."

Anonymous finished with a stark warning to government if it persists in trying to cut telecom and web links. In addition, the collective said that unless attacks cease, the Israeli government "will know the full and unbridled wrath of Anonymous. And like all the other evil governments that have faced our rage, you will NOT survive it unscathed."

In a move that separates OpIsrael from many other campaigns, the hacktivists have put together a downloadable "care package" for residents of Gaza in the scenario that the Israeli government's promises come true and Internet connections are severed. It contains useful information on evading IDF surveillance as well as basic first aid data. In addition, Anonymous wants to make clear that it is not a "terrorist organisation", by stating that the hacker's mission is to "protect the rights of Palestinian people who are threatened with silence. [...] We know what happens to victims of oppression when the lights go dark."

As the BBC notes, while Anonymous enjoys its hacking spree, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has begun a campaign of its own -- a game called IDF Ranks which rewards frequent visitors and to its blog and content sharers with different badges and virtual military ranks. The website says this is to fight "misinformation" concerning the IDF and Israel. On Wednesday, the website began a live link documenting the attacks on Gaza.

As the hacking spree goes into full swing, this piece will be updated with further news.

Topic: Security

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  • An experiment

    Hello. I'm a fellow soldier in the IDF. As a resourceful group of people such as anonymus, I would expect them to have all information regarding this attack, and focus on the real issue besides the cutting of internet. Israel is the one who's funding gaza with 30% of their gas, food, electricity and many other industries. If they want to use the internet, let them set it up themselves. I'd like to perform an experience, let me throw a rock at you, and then another one, and then another one and when you finally retaliate me and the rest of the world will ask "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!". The operation is being performed to minimize civilan life casualties in gaza, and on top of that israel is handing out warnings to citizen to stay way from areas which will be bombed. For the past 10 years, over 12,000 rockets were launched against the citizens of south Israel, with the world keeping quiet. We have every right to defend ourselves. Things aren't always what you hear in the press. I would look more into it, before any of the following comments will mention Israel being a terroristic state.
    • Excellent post

      Thanks iAmir. Israel shows far more restraint than any other country in the world would ever show. We here in the US dropped atomic bombs on Japan after a single attack on our country. Had we shown the same restraint as Israel does, we would have dropped pamphlets instead asking Japan nicely to please stop.

      If Israel cared as little for palestinian lives as palestinians cared for Israeli lives, every single palestinian would be dead tomorrow. I find it disgusting that rocket attacks are characterized as "okay" and should be ignored because they don't kill that many children. palestinians are trying their best to kill as many Israelis as they can. Again, if Israel showed a "proportionate" response, they would try to kill as many palestinians as they could. That wouldn't go so well for the palestinians. Fortunately for the palestinians who do their best to kill Israelis, Israel is the more civilized people.

      Cheers iAmir for keeping the shine on the only jewel in the middle east.
      • A response to the bloodthirsty

        Ignorance is bliss, I guess... The US dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to shorten the war and save many more lives that would have been lost on the US (and possibly Japanese) sides in a ground invasion of the main island...

        And no, the US has never shied away from kicking the shit out of another country, and has done so on a regular basis, in particular since the start of the cold war... In that sense they have the same instincts as Israel.

        Yes, Israel is considerably better armed - up to it to show restraint as the greater power. It also happens to be the occupying power in the West Bank, and in all but name in the Gaza strip, which it has converted into the world's largest open-air prison camp (Sharon was indeed clever, and got what he wanted). As an occupying power, under the Geneva Convention, Israel has a duty of care, and restrictions on what it can do.

        Yes, the rockets are a nuisance (and probably not much more on most days - compare the Israeli and Palestinian death tolls now, and in 2009 – and yes, that matters). On the other hand, with the help of the US you have regularly and cynically torpedoed all attempts at a peace deal (and 'divided and ruled' Hamas and Fatah after Palestine’s democratic election in 2006), even now, this week breaking a cease-fire to assassinate a member of Hamas who had given Israel assurances that he would help keep the peace, and largely did so for the last 5 years. This is by no means the first Israeli assassination, in cold blood, for that is what it is. There have been hundreds.

        In 2009 you flattened the Gaza strip, killed over 1300 and then refused them building materials for homes (all ostensibly over the life of one man, who wasn’t even dead)... They need so much economic help because Gaza is blockaded, from both the sea and land, their trading opportunities almost entirely blocked, many of their needed imports to input into production (and daily life) of one kind or another are not allowed past the crossings...And at the heart of it all, we all know what is needed: return to the borders of 1967, Jerusalem as a shared city, the illegal colonisers and fanatics to be removed from the West Bank (subject in part to negotiation, perhaps against the right of return?), the wall to either be torn down or to respect the border (not annex 12% of Palestinian land by ‘accident’) for an equitable distribution of land and water resources, which are scarce, yes... But most of all for a mutual recognition of statehood, and the end of the 'apartheid', as Carter called it (quite rightly), and a respect for the common dignity of man. Surely on the last point your people, of all people, would have learned to respect the dignity of a man, his right to live free from persecution, arbitrary death and 'cruel and unusual punishment', the right to a state to call your own, to live in peace and under just conditions? They are denied all these things, and have no other way to express their frustration than the rockets. Can you, in your heart of hearts, truely blame them?

        This constant desire to solve things by force ('we can kill every last one of them, yeah!' partially on the basis of their race, their faith - Sound familiar?)

        So I'm hoping for a better way - that Palestine gets recognised at the UN this week, that Obama will grow a pair and tell you his support from now on will be entirely conditional on you truly seeking peace, that Netanyahu loses the election despite his blatant attempt to rig it by taking people's minds off social issues and concentrating them on 'war with the enemy' instead, where he thinks he can win - have you read 1984? If you haven't, you should, it's really enlightening on why governments do that...

        And if that fails, I hope Iran does get the bomb - I don't think they'll use it, but at least then you’ll finally have to behave and negotiate with the Palestinians in good faith, because at last there'll be someone else with a big stick that actually stands up to your bullying.
        Cyril Zeldine
        • Delusional Cyril Zeldine

          How you so deftly relegate the constant, dangerous rocket attacks in continuum for years to 'nuisance' status only, and hagiography that evil Jabbri is sickening distortion and twisting the actual documentable realities pitifully.
          Your projecting '...we can kill every last one of them, yeah!' partially on the basis of their race, their faith - Sound familiar?' on the Israelis is instead exactly how Palestinian little ones are brainwashed to deathly hatred of Jews by their Islamic Mickey cartoons.
          And so on, and so on in your article size post. I leave it to other posters to expose other distortions in rebuttal. Plenty of capable posters available here.
        • Your post is obnoxious

          Your post above is beyod obnoxious in denying the fact that Israel is and has been the victim of attempts to annilate it for the past 60 years. Ever since the UN vote to establish Israel, the arabs have constantly been attacking Israel. Israel gave back the Gaza Strip and then the people vote for a known terrorist government. No arab country has been able to establish a civil life for the people who live in Gaza. The Arab behavior is not the foundation for productive peace talks. Remember that it was threats against Israel that caused the 1967 war and the current borders. The arabs brought that upon themselves. Don't expect Israel to sit back and be attacked without provocation with thousands of rockets and not defend itself. You need to get your facts straight about history, including Hiroshima, and realize that anything Israel does to defend itself is justified.
        • Even though obama is a weak clown

          Iran won't be allowed to get a nuclear bomb , and I would not stand next to any Iranian scientists in the next few months..If I were you..Which I thank my personal god I am not..
      • toddbottom3, learn some history

        The posters on this web site seem to have the notion that anything that happened before they were born can simply be refashioned or fabricated to suit their prejudices. It's especially true in the case of the atomic bombing of Japan, a favorite topic that our leftist professoriat uses to mislead impressionable college students about the history of WWII.

        If you understood the big picture of that period, you'd realize that the A-bombing of those two cities was the luckiest thing that happened to Japan in the 20th century.
        Lib Thrasher
    • Sadly

      IAmir sadly, our government thinks they can tread on the fence with this one and they have chosen to publicly distance themselves from Israel but, I hope that your country does what it takes to end the BS games of both Palestine and Iran!
      • Don't worry...

        Israel is planned for anything. And nuclear iran? That's one thing to worry about, especially when they keep up with the development of nukes and U.S is indifferent to this rather than retaliating before it's too late.
        Thanks for your support, toddbottom3 & slickjim
    • Throwing rocks...

      Am I sitting in your house while you are throwing these rocks at me? I.e. Have me and my family moved into your house and locked your family in the guest bedroom? How dare you throw rocks at me - this is my house now..
      • You are aware that

        Palestinians are actually Syrians, Jordanians and Egyptians who were dispossessed when their nations attacked Israel and lost, and that those nations refused to take their own refugees back, right?
        • history lesson

          I don't like to get into stupid arguments but it's for you and for everyone else commenting, read some history first before typing imaginary thoughts.
          Can you please remind us why those nations went to war in the first place? Israel is a nation that was created in 1948, and don't start with the historic argument, every person who reads little history knows that this is not really an argument.
    • Of course you should defend yourselves

      If any country or terrorist group started firing rockets at civilian targets here in the UK without any kind of warning, I'm pretty sure the Royal Navy would be dispatched pronto to wipe them off the face of the earth (just look at our invasion and current occupation of Afghanistan, and subsequently Iraq). Any sovereign nation has the right to defend its borders. Has Israel been perfect over the years? Of course not. But indiscriminate attacks on its two largest civilian population centres should not be tolerated.
    • Rockets to empty areas vs bombing civilian buildings

      There are many groups in Gaza but for the past 4 years Hamas was playing a key role to stop rocket attacks. On the other with the affection of coming election, Israel started to become furious and they even assassinated the Hamas leader, who was obstructing rocket attacks. No one can legitimize rocket attacks. But Israel cannot justify this massacre and embargo over a few rockets landing on empty grounds.
    • Civilization vs. jihad

      Israel produces Nobel Prize winners, and their Muslim neighbors produce suicide bombers, 9/11, and nearly 20,000 terrorist attacks since.

      Israel's Muslim neighbors have been trying to destroy it since its rebirth after WWII.

      This is not a morally-ambiguous situation; this is jihad against innocents.

      In the war between the Civilized Man and the savage, support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.
    • Yeah! iAmir is absolutely right.
    • Hebrew not Jew

      My family is Hebrew, the chosen ones of Israel... We ran from the oppression of the German /Polish Jew converts who through violence and deceit stole the land of Palestine from the children of Abraham to build a European colony in the holy land... Yahweh will bring his wrath against the land of Israel until the earth the false nation of Israel was built on vomits you false Jews out of it... Stones being thrown will be the least of your worries... You can not buy with gold what can not be sold... Yahweh will restore the Hebrew people to the promise land! Shalom
  • Listen to me, Anonymous!

    I am very upset that (some members of) Anonymous have chosen to view Israel as the aggressor here. The enemy of the Palestinians in Gaza is Hamas, who they democratically elected and who subsequently killed and/or expelled their rival Fatah government. Hamas is ideologically inflexible and refuses to compromise, and that is what leads to evil -- as it did with every other ideologically inflexible regime that would rather resort to violence because they place ideology over human lives.

    Hamas has killed the people they rule, Palestinians, for playing music at weddings. They use them as human shields even as they encourage attacks that will invite retaliation. They continue to manipulate the population and put AK-47s and Uzis in the hands of Palestinian children, who are taught from a young age to fight without compromise until Israel is annihilated, and glorify martyrdom. Don't take my word for it, watch the evidence yourselves:

    Sure, they may have had better social programs than Fatah, but that is true of many mafias and gangs, including e.g. Al Capone and his soup kitchens. They had their chance to embrace the legitimacy they were granted by the democratic elections, but instead they chose to extend their ideology of hate and intolerance not just towards Israel, but those Palestinians in Gaza who disagree with them. They kill their own people.

    I am upset that Anonymous does not seem to have given any thought to disrupting the evil Hamas "government" which rules through intimidation, ideological domination, and brainwashing of children. If any party in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the furthest from wanting "freedom" and "peace", it is the religious-militant gang of Hamas.

    Members of Anonymous, if you are reading this, consider that, although you yourselves may be from Muslim countries, Hamas committed and continues to commit atrocities against the Palestinian people (are leaders of Hamas even Palestinian themseves?)

    Ask yourselves a question: did the Hamas government in Gaza do ANYTHING to prevent militants from launching rockets into Israel? Did they do ANYTHING to find out who did this and bring them to justice? What kind of "government" are we talking about here, one that wants peace for its own citizens? Emphatically, NO -- this government can't wait to get their own people embroiled in a violent conflict that serves their own ideological interests.

    If you are truly, as you say, for the Palestinian people -- consider that perhaps the greatest threat they face is from the very people they elected, for the "better social programs", and who threw away the chance they had in 2006 to bring peace. Hamas will not crack down on the rocket launchers. They encourage children to grow to BE the militants, using Hamas Mickey Mouse.

    If you stand for the principles of peace and freedom, consider targeting the Hamas government, and not publicly singling out Israeli computer systems because disrupting them will bring you more damage. You shouldn't be in this for the publicity. If you really want to bring publicity to the plight of the people, draw attention to the atrocities, intimidation, propaganda, coersion, and encouragement to die Hamas routinely afflicts on its own people. Even if they do not have many computers to disrupt.

    Finally, I wish to say:

    Over 60 years ago, the British abruptly left Palestine and what followed was essentially a civil war, and a lot of bad shit. This is very similar to what happened in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh after the British left. I agree that many people on both sides were hurt 60 years ago. But they have long gotten old, and it is very sad that their children have been brought up on hatred instead of focusing on how to better their own people where they live.
    • Did you read the article before commenting?

      did you even read the article? They don't care "who started it" this isn't kindergarten. They are doing this cyber-attack because Israel wants to shut off internet access to the Gaza strip. Anonymous is about internet freedom, they really don't care to take sides of childish conflicts like that between israel and Gaza. They just want everyone to have uncensored internet.
      Ian Futterer
      • You know what's really childish?

        Thinking that access to the Internet is more important than stopping rocket attacks that are killing your people. But, hey, I'll make sure that when you are mugged and beaten that the thugs don't mess with your Internet connection.