ANZ launches tailor-made iPhone banking website

ANZ launches tailor-made iPhone banking website

Summary: ANZ has catered to those users about to purchase an iPhone by launching a new internet banking service customised for the device.


ANZ has catered to those users about to purchase an iPhone by launching a new internet banking service customised for the device.

The bank's website now has a "device recognition layer" that detects if Web surfers are using an iPhone. If so, they are redirected to a Web page designed specially for the iPhone. The ANZ team has been working on the recognition layer and website over the last few months.

"We're always looking at increasing the choices available to our customers. When new technologies come on board we harness them," a spokesperson for the bank told "Going by market reaction, it's going to have a positive take up."

At first, users will only be able to use the Contact us and Locate us functions on the tailor-made website. They will also have the option to transfer to the normal website.

After a few months, the service will be expanded to allow users to see their transaction history, transfer money between accounts, and make use of the Pay anyone feature. They will, however, be able to do these using their iPhone on the normal ANZ site from today.

The staggered approach was put in to make sure the technology wouldn't have any glitches when handling people's money. "With internet banking in general, it takes a lot more development and testing for accuracy, security and reliability," the spokesperson said.

"It's not just like visiting a normal website where you are viewing something for entertainment. It's looking at financial details."

If other iPhone-like mobile devices come onto the market, the recognition layer can be tweaked so they can also be used to view the website, the spokesperson said, adding that the bank expects this will occur.

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  • Other iPhone-like devices?

    Like anything Windows Mobile-based? You know - those devices that have been out for 5+ years?

    iPhone snowblind-ness is upon us, people!

    And browser identification has been around for far longer than that. It's a string sent by most browsers automatically. That's how webpages in THE NINETIES identified that you were running IE or Netscape... Hardly something new. Kudos to ANZ for catching up on 10 year old technology.
  • big effort?

    "Catch up"??? All they did was add the Contact Us and Locate page - wow. That must have taken ages - all that financial data to test - what a joke.
  • What a bloody joke!

    Download Opera Mini browser on virtually any internet enabled phone and do your internet banking with any bank.

    How naive do they think people are????
  • You Tool

    They are probably speaking about the release of android and other "Smart Phones" Unlike Windows Mobile.

    Also, the Iphone starts off viewing a full web page as a normal computer would, you see the entire page zoomed out, by adding the layer, they allow for a quicker loading page that the iphone can utilise. Trust me they are far ahead of 4 year old technology (CSS 2).

    Catch Up You Tool