Apple announces September 9 event for iPhone 6 reveal

Apple announces September 9 event for iPhone 6 reveal

Summary: It's time to meet the new iPhone, and maybe a long-awaited wearable device.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iOS, iPhone
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Apple has sent out media invites confirming the previously rumored September 9 event.

The invite cryptically reads: "Wish we could say more."

While Apple is being tight-lipped about what the event relates to, we can make the assumption that this is when it will unveil the long-anticipated iPhone 6

The sensible money says the new iPhone will sport a 4.7-inch display to allow it to better compete with products from Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony.

A second new iPhone with a larger 5.5-inch screen has also been rumored.

When it comes to a wearable, this is a lot more uncertain. There have been plenty of rumors, and the competition is undoubtedly homing in on this market, but it is as yet unknown if this is an area that Apple is ready to enter into just yet.

It is also probably a safe bet that we will also hear more about iOS 8, along with OS X 10.10 Yosemite, along with release dates for both.

This event will be held in Apple's home city of Cupertino, California at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts, the venue where the Mac was originally unveiled back in 1984.

The event will kick off at 10am (Pacific) sharp.

No word yet as to whether the event will be streamed or not. 

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Topics: Mobility, Apple, iOS, iPhone

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  • Yeah Baby Yeah!

    We all know, even the haters, that Apple is the firebrand from which a lot of new tech is derived. Should be good!
    • Sure fanboy...

      No one has ever thought of smaller tablets or larger phones... You're so deluded, it's comical.
      • Whatever makes you feel better.

        I'm all for people feeling good about their choices. Call names all you want, everyone watches what Apple does.
        • everyone watches what Apple steals and makets as "innovation"

          Welcome to 2 years ago
          • LOL you mean like what Google did

            to Apple. Nice try WarDingy.
          • LoL at you loling like you know

            Yeh Google copied Apple and somehow they never sued Google for it.
  • Yeah

    I hope its not over hype like last year....and the year before....and ever since Tim Cook took over.
    Sean Foley
    • You must be new here. It's always been overhyped.

      Even when Jobs was alive. Apple could never do anything right. The iPhone was met with laughter and derision. The iPad was met with laughter and derision. The fruit-colored iMacs were met with laughter and derision. The all in one iMacs were met with laughter and derision. OS X was met with laughter and derision.

      Apple is to tech bloggers like the Republican party is to network news and the NY Times.
      • almost analogous

        That's almost analogous but fails because Apple doesn't deserve the criticism.
  • Disappointed

    Now again apple is coming with secrets. Why u keep people curious by announcing months before? Just do that man.
  • iPhone 6 needs to present real competition with Android....

    Although an iPhone 5 user myself I recognise Android to be well out in front. Sure the iPhone still holds a substantial percentage but it continues to fall behind Android.

    If the iPhone is dropping back the also rans such as WP and Blackberry stand absolutely no chance in the current market.
    • Apple still wins in the usability department

      despite OS 7.
      • Nope

        For those who primarily go Apple because of usability, with Android requiring some tech savvy and Windows being Windows...

        I'd say try BlackBerry
        The Z10 really is a better iPhone
        For less
        With better battery life
        Ad micro SD
        And an all new, easy to use BB 10 OS
        And BBM your friends can use, unlike iMessage

        Usability really is no longer a reason to pay an arm and a leg for an iPhone when BlackBerry gives you even more fluid interface, with better specs

        For those not in love with iPhone size/formula, but who want ease of use, the Z30 with large clear HD screen and awesome > 24 hours of usable battery life is a good ooption (before Samsung came late to the battery life party)
      • if you only know iOS

        Then iOS wins in usability.
        If you know how to use Android, you would only use iOS if you HAVE to.
        iOS only wins in useability if you are used to all the limitations and the workarounds, AND you are blissfully ignorant of what other mobile OS offers.
    • Have you tried a new BlackBerry 10 device?

      The Z30 is a stellar device, on par spec wise with best of Samsung, with an OS that is even more intuitive and up to date than latest from Apple.

      Took me one day to master BB 10

      The Z10 from BlackBerry remains a viable alternative to iPhone, free on most plans, with all the ease of use Apple claims, in a more affordable phone, with better battery life, that has an all new OS, versus Apple's half decade of bandage upgrades!
  • top secret: welcome to 2 years ago

    Meanwhile, we are getting ready for a wave of wifi+bluetooth issues, that Apple keeps sweeping under the carpet, with 4S upgrading to ios8. Fire up the reflow ovens.
    • Keep up your boring posts.

      I need to go back to bed for some more sleep, and your vacuous posts are making that much more likely. Thank you.
      • His mommy raised his rent

        again so he's in a bad mood.
      • whats more vacuous?

        A vacuos post or the reply to a "vacuous" post?
        Cool story bro
    • Wow did your mother not cut the

      crust off your break before she brought your lunch down to the basement? Or did she raise your rent again for the basement? Oh wait I know you got yelled at at McDonalds today because you didn't drop the fries quickly at the lunch rush. Was that it? O maybe that new ear gauge did not come in that you wanted ...