Apple begins iPad mini production, says WSJ

Apple begins iPad mini production, says WSJ

Summary: According to reports, Apple has started to mass produce a smaller tablet, the dubbed 'iPad mini,' which is set for launch later this month.

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Apple has reportedly started mass production of a smaller tablet, according to Asian component suppliers, reports The Wall Street Journal.

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Credit: James Martin/CNET

Dubbed the "iPad mini," the device allegedly includes a smaller 7.85-inch LCD screen with a lower resolution than the Retina display that was included with the iPad 3, which boasts a 9.7-inch screen.

Earlier reports suggested that Apple will use Samsung's QXGA technology in the latest iPad iteration and ditch LG's technology due to the lack of display quality. It is however believed LG Display and Taiwain's AU Optronics are mass-producing the device's display, which was last seen in the iPad 2.

The Journal cited two people familiar with the device, but declined to be named. 

The smaller tablet is thought to be announced next week on October 10, according to media reports, but Apple has yet to issue an invitation to the press. 

Since the launch of the original iPad in 2010, major players in the tablet space have ramped up development and production of smaller devices. Amazon, Google, and litigation rival Samsung are all producing smaller tablets to compete with each other and Apple's grip on the tablet market, which is thought to have around 70 percent of the tablet market share.

It's not the first time we have heard rumors that production has started, however. In mid-late September, a Taiwanese newspaper reported that manufacturing company Pegatron has a contract to manufacture the smaller iPads while Foxconn remains under pressure to meet orders for the iPhone 5. 

Apple did not reply to questions outside of U.S. business hours.

Topics: iPad, Apple, iOS, Tablets

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  • Oooh look

    It comes pre-scratched from the factory - saves time later I suppose.
    Little Old Man
  • Hours

    "Apple did not reply to questions outside of U.S. business hours."

    Must have been the hours. Everyone knows that Apple only reveals detailed marketing plans and specs for unannounced future products between 9:00 AM adn 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.
  • Interesting

    However, I'll believe it when I see it.

    And what about the price? There been a lot of speculation in this arena about how they can set a price point that will not hurt sales on their other devices.

    We shall have to wait and see.
    • And what about the form factor?

      Will it be 4:3 like the iPad 3 or 16:9 like the iPhone 5?
      • Re: And what about the form factor?

        It will have to be 16:9 to avoid looking clunky next to the Nexus 7.

        But that will leave the full-size Ipad as the odd one out, still at 4:3.

        In other words, obsolete just 6 months after its introduction.
  • I am not interested

    I don't another iPad 2 with reduced size. I would go with iPad 3 over iPad Mini anytime just because of resolution. And I have original Galaxy Tab (7") and iPad 2 and I don't see much difference while holding both in hand. I would consider a mini iPad, if Apple releases one in 5" form factor, which would fit in pocket and gives me abilityt to surf or read emails. For this reason only I still love my HTC Advantage (5" windows mobile).
    Ram U
    • sizes

      A 5" iPad probably doesn't work since it overlaps too much with the iPod touch and iPhone 5.

      Personally I think the iPad mini is too much overlap as well. If you already have a new smartphone with a large screen, you really don't get that much of a usability upgrade with only another inch or two of screen size. But a full size tablet gives you the ability to do things that you can't do well on a smaller tablet. But I guess if you only have a feature phone or a phone with a tiny screen, the mini lets you get in the tablet game.
      • sizes

        a 7in tablet is a good upgrade from a 4in iphone, i think apple is hoping it will keep people buying iphones over larger-screened competitors, because they can buy an ipad mini for when they want a larger screen

        but i agree that compared to existing 4.8 and 5.2in phones a 7in tablet is a bit redundant, i was planning on buying a nexus 7, but since since getting a galaxy s3 i dont see the point of a 7in tablet (thinking i might give the MS surface a go though)
    • The people have spoken...

      Rama has spoken for all of us and we need to let Apple know that there's no need for a small iPad (or a larger iPod Touch). They can stop their production lines, cancel all of the marketing, layoff the extract development and support staff that they hired for this new product. I'll be they wished that they had talked to you sooner and could have cancelled the product when it was just an idea.
      • I think a nerve has been touched

  • Apple begins iPad mini Production

    I like my iPad 3. I much prefer the bigger size. I would not buy a 7 inch.