Apple confirms fix coming for iOS 7 screen crash

Apple confirms fix coming for iOS 7 screen crash

Summary: iOS 7 mysterious shut down bug could be nixed in an upcoming update.

TOPICS: iOS, Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

Apple will soon issue a fix for an annoying bug that's been causing the screen on some iOS 7 devices to crash.

The forthcoming fix comes after dozens of complaints under a thread on Apple's support forum, highlighted by Mashable, about an iOS 7 bug that mysteriously shuts the device off, often when the phone's battery dips below 30 percent, resulting in a black or white 'screen of death'.

Complaints about the bug go back to September — days after Apple first released iOS 7 — so if they're all referring to the same issue, it's persisted through out several iOS 7 updates, with the operating system currently at version 7.0.4.

The good news is that Apple has acknowledged an issue and is promising a fix for it. 

"We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash," an Apple spokesperson said in a statement to ZDNet.

There's no indication of when that might occur, but Apple's 7.1 beta is rumoured to be made public shortly.

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Topics: iOS, Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

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  • iOS 7 Stinks

    Ugly washed out screens, nauseous animations, and now .... BUGGY. The gold iPhone with iOS 7 pastel colors screen is a fashion nightmare. No one has called iOS 7 is amazing like they used to say about earlier versions. Apple has definitely lost its cool.
    Sean Foley
    • And yet the iPhone

      is the top selling smart phone in the world. It kinda stinks when reality doesn't line up with what you wished it was.
      • You're not hurting his argument...

        He said that iOS 7 is buggy, and he doesn't like it.

        You're saying that the iPhone is the top selling smartphone, and that he's wrong.

        Here's the logic here:
  • MAYBE...

    They could also fix the Music App. Maybe remove the mosiac weirdness that happens when you turn the phone... random CD covers is no way to search for music... and maybe put back the Repeat Album feature when you are searching by artist... and for the LOVE OF GOD... put back the Album list when searching by artist so you don't have to scroll through every SONG to find an album...and maybe reverse the sort order so the newest album is at the top instead of the oldest...

    Also... I hope this fixes the iPad version of iOS 7... it crashes like twice a day and sometimes it crashes so hard you have to fully restore the thing. Look...2 hours you will never get back. Awesome.
  • Good tip

    I was thinking this was happening as a result of the Jailbreak.
  • Shocked

    Frankly I'm shocked. Apple's usual MO is to ignore problems until they go away. If that doesn't work they continue to stonewall about problems until they have a fix and quietly release them.
  • In a month I've seen about 4 times a sudden reset to the boot screen

    as though it was a low level exception type of crash. In windows it would have been a blue screen. At least its back up and running automatically within like 10 seconds.
    I don't use the ipad much though, maybe 5hrs/week.