Apple earns a place on Chinese blacklist

Apple earns a place on Chinese blacklist

Summary: Guangdong's watchdog has placed Apple on a "company integrity" blacklist due to after-care and policy concerns.


The consumer watchdog based in the southern province of China, Guangdong, has included technology giant Apple on a "company integrity" blacklist.

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The company's after-sales service policies has come under fire from the China Consumer Association (CCA), who researches and monitors company and consumer policies affecting Chinese customers. Described as "unfair", National Business Daily reports that strong customer dissatisfaction within aftercare has resulted in numerous complaints.

The China Consumer Association released a report documenting an investigation into the support structure and policies of the popular technology developer last week.

The report focused on a number of complaints made during the first half of 2012, including the case of a customer named Wang -- who needed his iPhone 4 repaired. Although it was within the official warranty period, Apple replaced the parts but refused to renew the warranty.

The Chinese report singled out a number of electronics companies that maintain "poor" after-sales care -- including some that refuse to offer such a service altogether.

The CCA has previously branded Apple's policies as "unfair", and some critics suggest that recent policy changes made by the company to alleviate some of their customer's dissatisfaction is not enough. Pointing to a clause in Apple's repair policy, according to National Business Daily, it apparently states that the technology giant is able to use old, spare parts to repair dysfunctional devices -- and as users must hand defective parts back to Apple, suspicion exists that these parts may be repaired as part of the system, to be used once more.

The China Consumer Association raises the point that potentially, Apple's current policies may impede on Chinese consumer rights and protection laws. Apparently, there has also been cases of complaints made against the company due to product damage occurred in transit -- which Apple takes no responsibility for.

There are currently no official Apple stores within the southern province of Guangdong, although recent rumors have suggested that new stores may soon be appearing within Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The nearest outlet is currently located in Hong Kong.

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  • Sacrilege! Blasphemy!

    "National Business Daily reports that strong customer dissatisfaction"

    Perhaps Chinese consumers need to watch more Apple TV ads, to see that Apple is a cool hip corporation with grinning happy customers.
    Tim Acheson
  • If you are on some chinese blacklist,

    it means you must be doing something right.
    • So what does everyone think of the new ZDNet?

      Blatantly racist statements are allowed, swearing is totally fine, homophobic posts are great, posts filled with nothing but insults are encouraged.

      So, thumbs up or thumbs down on the new ZDNet?
      • what?

        what racist statement?
  • what?

    "Although it was within the official warranty period, Apple replaced the parts but refused to renew the warranty."

    Thats the best example they could come up with? Thats the same policy world wide... getting your device fixed doesn't entitle you to a new warranty. They will cover what they just did for 30 days, but they are NOT going to renew your warranty... sheesh... I don't know of any company that would do that.
    • It it's a new part, the part should get a "new" part warranty, which,

      is not the same as renewing the whole device's warranty to match the length of time for the new part. If I get a new part for my home's air conditioning unit, I normally get one year or more for that new part, but, my whole system won't get a whole new warranty that is equal to just the new part.

      Perhaps that's the situation with the Chinese customer of Apple.
  • Oh shocking!

    Consumer complaints against Apple!
  • Chinese are thieves!

    All chinese companies are Big Thieves. When they want money , they produce imitations. All china imitated Apple products.
    Real USER
  • Wait!

    I also believe Samsung is the Great Thief. Sorry samsung users, You should change your smart phone into iPhone to get Premium User Feeling.
    Real USER
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    So U should use iPhone to save the World, God will bless you.
    Real USER