Apple event gallery: iPad mini, new hardware unveiled

Apple event gallery: iPad mini, new hardware unveiled

Summary: As usual in previous Apple events, CEO Tim Cook is hosting an event to show off new Apple products. But everyone wass waiting for the 7.9-inch iPad mini.


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  • The new iMac will include USB 3 now with dual or quad-intel Core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge, with Intel HD Graphics 4000, and up to 16GB of RAM. Starts at 2.5Ghz dual-core i5 w/4GB of RAM and 500GB HDD for $599.

  • The new Reception Desk Mac is just 5-mm thick which is 80 percent thinner than current models.

  • Phil Shiller unveils Apple's new 13-inch MacBook Pro. The most-hyped feature is its Retina Display. It starts at $1,199

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  • Screen resolution is the same!

    Genius! The software is identical across iPads, no matter the size.
    Tony Burzio
    • Genius?

      Well if you call coming to the party late genius, then ok.

      This event should have been titled "Apple: tell us something we didn't already know" or "Apple: no surprises here"
      • you are

        envious.... that is a very low level thing.... stop doing that...!!
    • No genuis

      That's more of a "duh". iOS is really, really bad with different resolutions. So Apple's keeping them to a minimum. iOS applications are bitmap based, so you're dealing with 1024x768 pixels, not some high-level layout as you might have in a modern OS (Windows, Android, MacOS, your favorite web browser). Same reason the iPad 3 had to have four times the pixel count, and the iPhone 4 had to have four times the pixel count, versus their predecessors. Integer scaling of bitmaps.
  • Bigger than you thought...

    I think people are going to be somewhat surpised by how big this thing is. From the 4:3 aspect ratio to side-by-side photos with the Nexus 7, it's pretty clear that the iPad mini is NOT going to be as portable as your typical 7" Android tablet. I don't know how much of a difference that will make in terms of acceptance, but it's a dissappoinment to me (though not unexpected, given the leaks). The simple fact is: I can drop my HTC Flyer into my pants pocket if need be. I'm not going to be able to do that with an iPad mini. Heck, I wonder if it will fit into most coat pockets...
    • android people

      get out of here with your venom.... you are a bunch people that try to convince themselves to do not buy apple because they holding a position

      leave your heart to dictate and spend money on us.... the new generation... THE GODS...!! APPLE...!!!

      long live apple...!!!!!
      • Re: get out of here with your venom

        When pointing out simple facts in a calm and polite way is considered "venom", then you know the fanbois are feeling the heat...
  • Innovation?

    I kept hearing that word get thrown around during the presentation, but I can't think of one thing Apple has innovated this year.

    When did thinner, lighter, smaller, more pixels become innovative for Apple?
    • My you are a negative nancy;)

      Thinner, lighter, smaller are all innovations when you are talking about mobile devices. Key innovations I might add.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • fanboy?

        Those "innovations" are actually what we call "expectations". Apple did nothing to surprise (thanks mostly to the terrible leakage) and nothing that hasn't already been done before. Apple fanboyism really is rampant.
        • Oh dear...

          Put your dollar in the fanboy box...

          The question I'd pose, as devil's advocate is what could Apple have done to impress you?

          The fact is, it's just not comparable to the nexus... As far as I can guess that's just the in-house rivalries. In the real world it's direct contender are the higher specked droids, like samsung's.

          As for an iPad it was a but of a shame it had to be built down to a price - no X chip for pad mini, but over all it's very solid. As for the pixel count- well that's obvious; by making it the same number of pixels as the pad 2, it instantely has access to it's apps, of course the app world handled the iPhone 5 transition just fine.

          Rhe key thing here, weirdly is battery life 10 hours wi-fi, 9 i assume 3g. I can tell you off the bat my nexus doesn't come close... That's the territory again of 8" sammy's... And now the price is very evenly matched.

          As for the new desktops I'm just happy they got them the ivy bridge and usb 3.... With 57% of their profits comming from iPhone, it had begun to feel as though Apple couldn't be bothered with them anymore.

          Over all a solid line up change. Of course it's just spoilers for windows 8; taking ipad mini preorders the day win 8 goes live, knowing they'll sell straight out... Naughty Apple.

          But they had to launch before christmas. The only concern would be manufacturing; lately they've not been able to meet demand - retina's, iphones... The mini will be the same - don't ask for one for christmas... The resellers will pre-order the lot.

          As for that tablet, i was slightly disapointed to see a 4th gen pad... But then I'd been hoping for an os x pad pro in the spring... But that would have cost me big. Fact is the pad mini is something I'll be getting in january, the other offerings? Not likely. No i5 or new ipad for me... Whilst the pad mini is usefull and well priced, iPhone is not. I'm not saying they aren't good devices... But if you have a 4/4s... I can't think of any feature worth the upgrade cost.

          I'll be getting a pad mini with the revenue of my pad 3g, but the real tablets to watch are still w8 pro, unless apple can work out how to flip that screen on an air.... Now wouldn't that be innovative?
      • I think I'm being realistic.

        Everything I have seen this year from Apple has been minor *evolution* to their already existing designs. Apple used to hold press events to showcase real advances in technology. Things that were way ahead of the market.

        Now Apple seems to be showcasing some hardware refreshes to their existing product line or playing catch up to other manufacturers.
      • No

        An innovation is something no one's thought of before, and one that really succeeds. Smaller, lighter, thinner... that's not innovation. That's incremental and expected progress. Everyone does that, every year... I'd add faster and cheaper in there, too, if this weren't about Apple. You get blowback when this doesn't happen, like the fact the iPad 3 is fatter and heavier than the iPad 2.
  • there is bunch of people that believe that being a fanboy

    is a defect.... :-)

    who told you that and who ruled that?

    • Not A Problem

      Honestly I have no problem with a person's allegiance either way, it's just when you hear things like "Look how innovative Apple is!" it really bugs me. Smaller, thinner, lighter. These are not innovations. These are what people expect from hardware refreshes.

      Apple is on "cruise control" right now, and that's not be a cynic, it's my observations of the business.
      • "Smaller, thinner, lighter. These are not innovations."

        Yeah? Where'd you get your EE degree? I'm so tired of this evolutionary vs. revolutionary debate. Smaller thinner lighter can be extremely hard, especially when you're starting from the leading edge.

        "Apple is on "cruise control" right now, and that's not be a cynic, it's my observations of the business." Well, then you're not very observant. The A6 processor is a HUGE advancement for Apple as it's not an ARM Cortex chip, but Apple's own, in-house created chip based on the ARMv7 instruction set. If you think that's "cruise control" then you're just an idiot.
        • Innovative but based on the ARM 7 ?

          Please give us a definition of "innovative"

          Being based on someone else's work ie the ARM family of processors sounds anything BUT innovative !
  • Innovation

    The innovative bits are the things you can't actually see -- squeezing in all the gummings that make the device work into a tiny space. That new iMac had me drooling, to the point where i'm thinking of selling my 2008 Mac Pro and getting the 27" iMac.

    Also, hope to pre-order the iPad-mini WiFi+cellular if the home treasury minister will loosen the purse strings...
    • Re: squeezing in all the gummings that make the device work into a tiny spa

      Interesting, then, that the Nexus 7 can offer even more "gummings" in a tinier space. And for less cost.
  • Not evolutionary?

    I have yet to see a single review that even mentions what could be one of the boldest moves Apple has ever made....

    You have to check the specs. to find it, but hasn't anyone spotted that something that began as a MacMini feature has now gone across the board - apart from the non-Retina MacBook Pros and the MacPros? It's the main reason why the iMac is so thin, and it's that the optical drives have all disappeared.

    Wait.. there's something else.. very few models have hard drives any longer either.

    Now those are bold moves even if there is nothing else dramatically new around.