Apple has the most valuable brand in the world

Apple has the most valuable brand in the world

Summary: Apple's share price may have taken a battering over the past year, but the value of its brand hasn't suffered at all, according to one brand consultancy.


Apple has taken the title as the world's most valuable brand, worth almost $100bn.

Interbrand's annual Best Global Brands report has placed Apple in the top spot ahead of Google in a list of what it says are the world's top 100 global brands. 

The two tech titans bumped Coca-Cola from the top spot, where it has been placed ever since the US brand consultancy began producing the report in 2000.

The company says Apple's brand, which has climbed from 36th in 2000 and second last year, is now worth $98.3bn, based on the financial performance of products and services behind the brand as well as the brand's influence over consumer choice, and its ability to command a premium price — which appear to borne out by strong early sales of its new iPhone 5c and 5s devices, which sold nine million between them on the first weekend after going on sale, despite stock market jitters over the higher than expected price of the iPhone 5c.  

"Every so often, a company changes our lives — not just with its products, but with its ethos. This is why, following Coca-Cola's 13-year run at the top of best global brands, Apple now ranks number one," Jez Frampton, Interbrand's global CEO, said in a statement.

2013-09-30 12.03.10 pm
Image: Interbrand

Tech companies dominated Interbrand's most valuable brand list, and it values the sector's overall value at $443 billion. With Google's brand value at $93.3 bn, it and Apple make up nearly half the technology sector's value, according to Interbrand.

Others in the top 10 include IBM, Microsoft, Samsung and Intel, while Amazon stands at 19 and Facebook is at 52. Cisco, HP and Oracle were also top 20 brands.

While many tech companies' brand value grew rapidly, Nokia's and BlackBerry's brands bucked the trend.

According to the report, Nokia, which ranked at 57 this year, suffered a decline in brand value of 65 percent and "experienced the largest decline in brand value in the history of best global brands", Interbrand said. Its brand value still stands at $7bn, however.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry vanished from the list, as did Yahoo!, which is in the middle of a major turnaround effort, led by its recently appointed CEO Marissa Meyer.

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  • There are a lot of

    stupid people in the world. Apple is bad for technology. They are the new microsoft, except they are beyond exclusive with everything they make.
    -almost all their software except maybe iTunes which ran like crap on windows for most of its existence.
    -not to mention they killed flash on mobile which some website operators STILL haven't figured out yet.
    Apple sells everything at ridiculously high profit margins. It is really worth it to have that glowy apple on the back of your display. (you're a chump if you think it is)
    • Another idiotic comment.

      Presumably from another idiot.
      • Maybe toddbottom3s new name?

        He hasn't shown up since his great predictions of the new iPhones. Guess he put his tail between his legs and ran off?
        Arm A. Geddon
        • I don't think so

          This guy actually said Microsoft is bad and his comments are more direct. Toddbottom likes to make snide remarks and make personal attack on people

          This forum is much readable after he's left ;-)
      • Oh Toddy!

        Where art thou? Your adoring fans miss your pearls of twisted logic! Was the stress of being a paid MS shill too much to bear?? Remember how you used to "Just make that stuff up?" Let me post one from the archives:

        "I had no respect for Steve Jobs when he was alive
        Why should his death excuse all the evil he did? It doesn't. The "man" doesn't deserve any respect. He was scum then, he is worm food scum now.

        25 September, 2012 19:05"
        • I May Have Found Toddy!

          The timing is about right . . .
          • Found!

            HA! Good one Gr8 and thanks for quoting the talkback w/ Toddy.
    • wow...

      What a thought provoking post on your part...
      "Apple sells everything at ridiculously high profit margins." This reminds me of a joke I heard from Woody Allen:

      "two elderly women are at a Catskill mountain resort, and one of 'em says, "Boy, the food at this place is really terrible." The other one says, "Yeah, I know; and such small portions."

      If you don't like Apple's technology, then why complain about their "ridiculously high profit margins"
      Clearly, you're not in the market for their stuff. Are you complaining that you can't afford to buy their junky products?

      Rather than spew venom, why not buy the product you actually want and be happy with it? Let the rest of us (stupid people) suffer with inferior products from Apple.
      • i'll try...

        I can't speak for swiftouch, but i'll try my own argument. People like swiftouch and myself are confused as to why people are willing to pay premium prices (to Apple) for inferior products. It's a similar confusion when people buy Mercedes, or BMW or Jaguar. A lot of that extra money goes into the cost to own something with a shiney symbol on it. In the case of the cars I mention, you get a hood ornament (or similar) to display your coolness. In the case of Apple products, you get that Apple logo on the back of the device. In fact, most of the protective cases I've seen for iPhones have a hole in the back to DISPLAY that Apple logo.

        Despite the fact most economists say that consumers behavior is dictated by best value, clearly that's not the case with Apple and their products. You can buy superior products for half the price else where. But many people don't. It's perplexing. Incidentally, that is what brings upon the accusations of "iSheeple" and what not - Apple lovers like to display their status as "I'm in the in-crowd" more than having the best technology, hence iSheeple insults etc.
        • Why should what other people spend their money on

          be of any concern to you at all? I don't give a second thought on what people spend their money on, unless I'm trying to find a way to get them to spend some of it on me.
        • Also, your understanding of economics is flawed. Consumer behavior is

          dictated by what the BUYER feels to be the best value. Not what YOU think the buyer should consider the best value to be.
        • Here's a question for you

          Why are you so concerned about where others spend their money? I could not care less what you spend your cash on - if you buy a Windows or Mac based PC, a Windows, iOS, or Android based phone or tablet it's all good since it's your cash. I buy what I want to buy regardless of your opinion. Deal with it.

          As for the insults - the first one to throw those is the one who lacks a leg to stand on. Who gives a f*ck if Otterbox or other proctevie case OEMs cut a hole to display the logos? Heck if the other OEMs had a similarly situated logo the case OEMs would likely have a hole to display that as well. As for buying superior products elsewhere - that is a matter of opinion. I've owned Samsung and HTC devices that ran Android. I prefer my iOS devices to them as IMHO they are superior.
    • So does BMW but they are doing pretty well.

      People will spend money if they feel what they are getting is worth it. For the most part Apple is an excellent brand with great technology and offers what people, easy of use, reliability. Apple does this so well that Microsoft is coping there business and product model which is very high praise for what Apple has accomplished.

      They can be as bad as MS or even worse with their closed door policy but unlike MS they deliver a very nice environment inside these closed doors and to be honest most people don't really care. If they do there is Android which offer a great open environment but they have their own issues.
      • Re: Microsoft is coping there business and product model

        Microsoft, as we observed over the years, has been copying Apple stuff for decades. Nothing new here. But recently, since the iPhone business alone makes more money than all of Microsoft, they are so desperate that are trying to "out-Apple" Apple -- and do all kinds of silly things. Or might be, people pay more attention today. Or may be just consumer's good will credit with Microsoft is getting negative...

        Sometimes, I observe that all the nice "non-Apple hardware" that OEMs manage to bring in, does not get loved enough, because of all that Windows junk and the "shared irresponsibility" between Microsoft and the OEMs when the customer has any kind of problem. People buy Apple products for the better service, too.
    • Wow, someone's a but butthurt over this

      Here's a question for you chief - you speak of Apple's "exclusive tech" such as iMessage and facetime but are their Android and WP8 equivalents compatible with each other or with Apple's programs? No? Whoops, complaint #1 and 2 debunked.

      iTunes runs like crap on Windows computers - it hasn't on any of mine. Unless you are running something that originally shipped with Windows 98 iTunes of course. iTunes runs fine on any PC that came with XP, Vista, &, and 8. Fail.

      Flash sucked out loud on mobile devices. Apple made the right call and even Adobe finally admitted that Flash wasn't right for mobile use which is why they stopped updating it for Android. And if you are so concerned about those website operators - send them a complaint and ask them to use HTML5. Another complaint debunked.

      The iEnvy and iBitterness is strong within you. You call people chumps because they prefer Apple over Microsoft or Android OEMS... Let me guess, you use Linux with a religious fever that is only overshadowed by radical Muslim suicide bombers. Fine, Linux is a decent OS... I can't (yet) use it for gaming so it's more of a curiosity for me than a usable OS. I do not consider anyone who uses it a chump. They have different needs for their OS than I do and it's all good that we all have a choice. It sounds like you want to take choice away.
  • There are a lot of

    stupid people in the world. Apple is bad for technology. They are the new microsoft, except they are beyond exclusive with everything they make.
    -almost all their software except maybe iTunes which ran like crap on windows for most of its existence.
    -not to mention they killed flash on mobile which some website operators STILL haven't figured out yet.
    Apple sells everything at ridiculously high profit margins. It is really worth it to have that glowy apple on the back of your display. (you're a chump if you think it is)
    • Yeah, right...

      like we are gonna bother with someone stupid like you that can't figure out how to post a comment correctly. Blech!
    • "There are a lot of stupid people in the world"

      ...yes Swiftouch, you have punctuated this comment very well with your post.

      "Apple is bad for technology" yet Apple introduced the consumer market to the GUI, online music, app stores, Smart phones (as we know them today), true mobile pads, ect..... Apple has actually been very good for Technology. Many companies have built their products off of Apple's designs (ie: Windows, Android)

      Apple dose make a great deal of priority hardware and software. If you don't want to pay for it you don't have to but if you do you end up with a very good solution that works very well, usually better then the competition.

      "almost all their software except maybe iTunes which ran like crap on windows for most of its existence." ???, you're going to have to put the meth pipe down and re-write this so it makes sense.

      Apple refused to install Flash because it was/is one of the greatest vectors for viruses to enter your OS.

      Apple is expensive but in general you do get products that work better then the competition. The simple fact that if they didn't people would buy other products. In in some cases they are, Android makes a great product which is often cheaper. On the down side the Android vendors are making far less money per-phones which makes them have to cut corners. Samsung has said that each iteration of their mobile phone makes less money then the previous. This model is unsustainable and something will have to change.
    • You know

      Posting this twice does not make it true or valid. just sayin'.
  • BUT, BUT, BUT...

    I thought people were bored with Apple and their products. That they don't innovated enough.
    Arm A. Geddon