Apple, HP deliver best customer experiences from PC makers: report

Apple, HP deliver best customer experiences from PC makers: report

Summary: When looking at businesses in general (meaning anything from auto dealers to fast food chains), Apple ranked 119th overall out of 268 companies across 19 industries.


Hewlett-Packard might be moving full throttle into the 3D printing space, but it might not want to move too far away from general consumer tech just yet.

A new report from the Temkin Group, a customer experience research and consulting firm, has published a new scoreboard, ranking the best customer and user experiences produced by the computer industry going into 2014.

For what is said to be the fourth year in a row, Apple offers the best customer experience for a PC company.

When looking at businesses in general (meaning anything from auto dealers to fast food chains), the Mac maker ranked 119th overall out of 268 companies across 19 industries.

HP held on for the silver medal for the second year in a row, not terribly far behind Apple in the computer industry rankings but 144th overall across all industries.

Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo, Gateway, Dell, eMachines, Sony, and Compaq round out the remaining top 10, respectively.

Most of these tech giants actually saw their rankings and reviews improve, except Compaq and Dell. Temkin researchers highlighted that these two were the only computer makers whose ratings declined between 2013 and 2014.

Overall, the computer industry seems to be on an upswing as far as customer service goes, being analysts noted the computer industry was one of the 15 industries to see its ratings improve over the least 12 months, tied for 11th place out of 19 industries.

For reference, the results of the annual report stem from the surveyed responses of 10,000 U.S. consumers. Participants are asked a series of simple but pointed questions, including "How easy is it to work with the company?" and "Can you do what you want to do?"

The complete 2014 Temkin Experience Ratings leaderboard is viewable online now.

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  • What a pointless survey.

    Ranking experience satisfaction across industries is just plain stupid, it assumes all customer experiences are the same. I can be "satisfied" with a customer experience from an airlines or wireless carrier that would leave me infuriated if it was from my bank or a hotel. Seriously, does anyone really believe that the Dollar Store, #6 on the Customer Satisfaction ranking provides better customer service than Fidelity Investments, #44? SRSLY, check out this list,
    • Short on Apple news today

      • Research was paid for for a reason.

        Unlike the comment section, it's not all about the fanboys.

        Apple and HP are top of the computer companies. Whilst ranging across industries, the survey does also subcategorise.

        Why is this important? It wasn't actually commissioned to provide a click bait apple article, it was commissioned for businesses.

        Business constantly look for inspiration across different industries and will pay to bring in talent, it is completely normal to hire people who have lead successful strategies in different fields.

        Is it relevent to zdnet? Yup, as this is a technology news site and this is technology news.

        It is also interesting that the two top rated computer companies take such different approaches - apple famously have a 100% mark up on their lines and provide retail stores and on site training and tech support whereas hp are competitively priced with remote support centers.

        Personally I worked for tech support to a retailer and found apple customers to be incredibly 'intitled' i'm surprised they came top. In my experience if a dell trackpad failed people wanted to know how much it would cost, if it was an apple trackpad they lost their mind that it could possibly stop working. Even if they poured their coffee on it they thought it was 'bad customer service' if they had to pay for it.

        Fortunately it was apple so if they were too rude we could just advise they go to the genius bar!
        • Oh are Apple users "intitled"?

          Cool story. Wonder why your anecdote doesn't reflect what the study found. Good thing you were here to counter another article that provides data confirming Consumers like Apple products with some stereotypical insults toward Apple users.
          • Probably the source pool.

            I know it can be frustrating when someoneelses personal experience conflict with your own, but lets look at those surveyed - I worked first line tech support for a large british retailer. People only call up when they need help and are therefor unsatisfied.

            My point was nothing whatsoever to do with the findings of the survey - which i defended- but instead based on my own experience of first line tech supoort across multiple hardware vendors found a direct correllation between those calling regarding apple equipment and higher expectations and rudeness toward support staff.

            I'm afraid I did not keep a survey for you but I did work for them for three years, so i feel my sample pool is large enough.

            I suppose you cpuld say I only have experience of people who shopped with that specific retailer.
          • Wow.

            Here's the thing. Yours is what is known as "anecdata". You are basically saying that all Apple users are over [i]e[/i]ntitled and Dell users aren't, which quite blatantly isn't the case. [i]Some[/i] Apple users may well be, but then I willing to bet that so are [i]some[/i] Dell (or HP, or Lenovo, or whomever else). Your own confirmation bias has highlighted the Apple users for whatever reason, when if you'd actually noted every case, I would expect to see a much more ben distribution to the one you are suggesting.
          • Not really

            It's just personal experience of actually doing the job. Averaged out across thousands of calls and devices.

            Didn't stop me from buying a mac with my employee discount any. Doesn't mean i have any real feeling one way or another based on what tech you use. It literally just meant that for three years that was my experience of hundreds of mac customers as an average. Most were normal, those calls just came with a much higher percentage of ... Difficult to deal with people than most other manufacturers.
  • HP/Compaq

    This survey is a waste of time. If it were not Compaq and HP would not be separated as Compaq was bought by and is owned by and is serviced by HP, has been since 2002 That is when I retired from Tandem Computers which had been bought by Compaq.
    earl harbeson