Apple iPad Air, MacBook event: By the numbers

Apple iPad Air, MacBook event: By the numbers

Summary: Aside from the hardware announcements, Apple executives churned out the latest financial figures, including sales and shipments, and other numerical nuggets.

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(Image: Apple live stream)

Apple chief executive Tim Cook and other senior staff took to the stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, California to announce its latest holiday season hardware.

Members of the international media were summoned last week for Tuesday's announcement, where the next-generation iPad would be officially unveiled in full for the first time. Also on deck are new MacBook notebooks, as well as OS X Mavericks, the company's latest desktop operating system.

During the keynote, the company's management, lead engineers, vice-presidents and key personnel dished out the latest numbers, from sales and shipments through to financials and other figures.

Here's what was said during the keynote:

  • 9 million iPhones sold by the end of the first weekend of sales

  • 200 million devices were running iOS 7, the latest mobile operating system, just five days after it was released in September

  • 64 percent of all iOS devices running iOS 7 to date

  • 20 million users listen to iTunes Radio

  • 1 billion songs played on iTunes Radio — just in the U.S. alone

  • 1 million apps on the Apple App Store

  • 60 billion cumulative downloads on the Apple App Store

  • $13 billion paid out to developers by Apple since the App Store launched 

  • 170 million cumulative iPad sales to date

  • 81 percent the iPad has in the overall tablet usage share

  • 475,000 apps, designed specifically for iPad, available in the App Store


Topics: Apple, iOS, iPad

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  • Right as I predicted.

    Though I can't be too proud of myself given this has been Apple's MO for years. And the press keeps falling for it. No one really cares. No one is attending this event to hear the numbers.
    • Ye, I have to ask. Have you taken over for my friend, Toddbottom3?

      Just curious, grin.
      • Tell me you care.

        Tell me you would have attended this event solely to listen to numbers. Thought so.
      • Whatever happened to TB3

        He would normally be all over the ZDNet forums on a day like this, spreading his irrational Apple hate.
        • RE:Whatever happened to TB3

          He does it to balance out your irrational Apple love. I find it funny an ironic when people bash other perspectives when they themselves are irrationally biased.
          Those who hunt Trolls
          • Please submit examples of my "Apple love"

            Pointing out somebody else's dislike of Apple, doesn't make me an Apple fanboy. I use products from Microsoft, Apple, Google, and others. No company or product is "perfect".
    • Okay

      So you figured out the script template. Congratulations?

      Almost no one is there (or watching) for numbers and I noticed that most of the hard numbers had been published elsewhere. Still, the news media is watching, Apple's stock is publicly traded, and surprise, surprise, those were good numbers. Why would they lead with them? That's a real puzzler.

      I get it! Ye lost the Apple Event Scripting gig, otherwise one would best be sure there'd be no numbers and the the thing that people were most curious about would be on first and done in ten minutes. The rest, a press release, because, yawn, Apple, amirite? Now I have to figure out why Ye lost that gig.

      Two points I'd like to make. Apple is on the verge of announcing last quarter's results, so they had better be careful about the new facts they disclose.

      The second point is that analysts looking at the platform may be curious about any new number Apple reveals. For instance, some will note the $13 billion payout via the App store. Since that is the 70% share, the entirety of app sales may be determined and compared with the last date and number Apple provided. One can figure average sales per app and also draw a curve of app sales. This is interesting information and I expect a person or two tuned in to see if there'd be such a thin partings of the curtain.
      • Apparently you don't get it.

        It's obvious from what you written the point clearly went over your head.
    • Damned if you do, damned if you don't

      So how many rants have read when Microsoft is slow to deliver sales numbers? My point is simple, if you release the numbers you are called arrogant and nobody cares. If you don't release the numbers, you are hiding something and you are not be transparent. So in your book Apple will continue to get dinged for bragging and Microsoft will get dinged for its' lack of transparency.
      • I'm sorry...was this an earnings event?

        I highly doubt most people attended to hear numbers. In fact this is the only "article" I can find dedicated to the numbers portion of it. And I suspect that's because it was filler while waiting for the for the real reason for the event: The new products.
  • 1 million apps

    3000 fart apps
    2000 burp apps
    oops, out of storage.
  • Apple iPad Air, MacBook event: By the numbers

    1 million apps in the app store. Good luck to any developers trying to get their app noticed in there.
    • Good luck to Microsoft

      Selling their renamed Surface devices, confusing customers about what "Windows" software the various devices actually run ("real" Windows vs. RT).
    • I use the same logic when I go to the Windows Store in the Mall.

      In the Windows store it is just me and the sales people, I get instant attention. At that damn Apple store, it is always crowded and sometimes I even have to make an appointment.
      • RE: I use the same logic when I go to the Windows Store in the Mall.

        C'mon now it's not that bad. The local Microsoft store actually gets good foot traffic. There's usually a good 15-25 customers in the store.
        Those who hunt Trolls
        • correct

          So that those people can go see first hand that Microsoft indeed, is producing hardware and that indeed, the Surface tablets and the new Windows 8 thing are what everyone claims they are.

          As they say: It is better to remain silent and be thought stupid, than speak out and remove any doubt.
  • A Rare Touch of Empathy

    Unusual for you to be so considerate of those who work and play in another platform, still, it's a nice change that should be encouraged.

    I will amplify your observation with a pair of aphorisms/cliches: luck favors the prepared and forewarned is forearmed.
  • De Nieuwe Mac.

    De Nieuwe Mac. lijkt me een geweldig apparaat. Is er een over dan hou ik mij aanbevolen!!! Met zo'n 27'' scherm en dan twee naast elkaar zou te gek zijn!!!
    Jaap Fieret