Apple iPad UK launch, home of the future and new phones from Nokia, HTC

Apple iPad UK launch, home of the future and new phones from Nokia, HTC

Summary: Photos of the month - May 2010

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Photos of the month - May 2010

    May was a big month for tech launches with Apple's iPad tablet finally released in the UK.

    Hundreds of Apple faithful descended on the company's UK flagship store on London's Regent Street helping to push iPad sales over the two million mark in the two months since its US launch.

    Among the Apple devotees picking up an iPad was Stephen Fry - see who else was in the queue on launch day here.

    Photo credit: Rob Tomkinson/

  • With a new Apple toy to play with,'s sister site CNET took time out to compare how iPad apps measure up to their iPhone cousins.

    Pictured above are the iPad and iPhone versions of eBay's app - showing how the iPad's offering gives a better experience when browsing item descriptions and checking out close-ups. But the iPhone version wins with push notifications for bidders, giving its users a heads-up if they are outbid on an item.

    For more like-for-like comparisons of iPad vs iPhone apps, click here.

    Screenshot: Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Topic: Hardware

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